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  1. Cashlikesfish

    Thoughts on fish emoji s

    Current fish emoji s 🐟🐠🐡🦈 What do you think should we have Better emoji s or are these fine
  2. Cashlikesfish

    Before after Ranger pleco

    This is levi my ranger pleco Levi is very unique is type of pleco is the smallest known to man kind this guy love my banana plant After. Before
  3. Cashlikesfish

    Have plecos or a pleco

    So I love plecos But pictures of your plecos in the comments I'll like the 1 I like the most
  4. Cashlikesfish

    Dear mods

    Thank you for keeping this safe under the rules
  5. Cashlikesfish

    Hello axolotl fans

    I love this website don't get me wrong. BUT I feel like maybe there could be a axolotl thread for axolotl owners and lovers what do y'all say?
  6. Cashlikesfish

    #cash's fish tank

    Hey everyone I am trying to get into Fee 2022 totm and see how I do I'm not thinking I'm gonna win but hey who knows? And here's an update on sunny and shadow.
  7. Cashlikesfish


    Thinking about getting crabs for my fish tank but what kind of crab should I get and should I even get crabs there's fresh water crabs right
  8. Cashlikesfish

    Fish gender?

    I need some help.