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  1. Zephyrski

    Nano tank ideas?

    Hi everyone, what are some nano tank ideas? I have 6 gallon cube tank that had Betta in it, but after my recent one jumped out I'm taking a break from them. I also have a nerite snail so something that'll get along with him
  2. Zephyrski

    Any small tank ideas?

    Hi everyone. I've been thinking about getting a small tank, preferably not bigger than 3 gallons. Would that be good for anything?
  3. Zephyrski

    Whats a good website to get plants?

    Just wondering what kinda websites everyone would recommend. As the only local fish shops I got here are Petco unfortunately.
  4. Zephyrski

    Tank mates suggestions?

    Hi everyone. I'll be upgrading my Betta into a 10 gallon soon enough, and I'm curious as to what I can do for tank mates. My boy is very curious and will probably nip at anything he can. So perhaps mystery snails or something like that, wouldn't be the best thing.
  5. Zephyrski

    What's this white stuff all over my tank?

    Hi everyone, I just noticed piles of white stuff all over the bottom of my tank. I'm not sure if it's snail poop or not? I'm can't imagine the snails going that much but maybe I'm wrong? There's no fish in with them yet, he'll be going in later this week hopefully. Please let me know if it's...
  6. Zephyrski

    Gendering mystery snails?

    Hi everyone. I'm just curious as to what gender my snails are and I'm hoping someone can help me identifying (: I think this one is a male judging on my own research but I'm not positive. I haven't gotten a good look at the other one yet, but I do have kindaa blurry picture of the underside...
  7. Zephyrski

    Small tank ideas?

    Hi all. I'm not particularly new to the fish hobby, but I couldn't think of anywhere else to post this. My local Petco is having a really nice sale on tanks going on right now to where they're half off. Of course I don't need any new tanks, but if a smaller tank is really cheap I can't pass...
  8. Zephyrski

    Mystery snails and sand?

    Hi everyone. I just picked up two mystery snails today and put them in my tank, no fish yet. However my tank is a sand bottom, and the snails keep seeming like they're getting stuck at the edges almost as if they can't climb there way out of a hole. Should I just let them figure it out for...
  9. Zephyrski

    How do you quarantine a plant?

    Hi all. My Betta seems to have ich, and I'm wondering if the moss I just put in with him has/had it attached. I got it from a small pet store. Is there a way to tell if that's how he got it for certain,.or how to quarantine it because I've already got it in a cycling tank aswell.
  10. Zephyrski

    What kind is my Betta?

    Hi all. I just got this little guy today and he's currently in a temporary tank while his finishes up cycling (about 2 weeks) He was just labeled as black orchid, no fin type or anything. I'm just curious what kind he is. Also does he seem young to anyone else or is it just me?
  11. Zephyrski

    New tank is finally almost done!

    Hi all. My tank is currently in cycling, but here's the updated setup I just finished :) The only other thing id like to add is a floating plant
  12. Zephyrski

    Is some Java moss or crystalwort easier?

    Hi all. I've been searching for some Java moss for awhile and no stores near me have it, but my closet one can get crystalwort. So which would be easier to have in a Betta tank? My tank is heated and has movement(sponge filter) plus two Java ferns.
  13. Zephyrski


    Hi there, new to this place, but I've been keeping tanks off and on since I was about 13 or so. I've had plenty of goldfish and koi in the younger days, plus a few Betta here there. Recently had a tiger Oscar 3 years ago, one the best fish with a big personality. Now I jumped back into keeping...