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    Very Impressed With Tek T5 Lights

    I put my Tek T5 Light fixture over my 40 gallon breeder tank (about 50 gallons including sump) last night and I have to say I am more than impressed. I have kept the all the lights on for 16 hours to see how much it will raise my temperature, but I literally have only seen it jump a single...
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    Ordered My Tunze Nanostream!

    Just placed an order for the new Tunze nanostreams, should arrive in 3 weeks as they have not been released yet. I will be one of the earliest people to get one :D
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    Bimac Octopus Egg Rearing

    My Bimac octopus has seen her last days :-( I hate these damn short lifespan on cephs! I knew something was up when I dropped in a fiddler crab and she didn't even give it a second look. She has laid her eggs, and I think I will try to rear them, keep one and sell the rest. Does anyone know...
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    Brackish Seahorse

    Accoring to the endangered seahorse species Hippocampus capensis is a brackish to marine fish. Here's the link. I wonder if this is actually credible? As most of us know fishbase is an extremely accurate source, and I would not say otherwise against their team of Ichthyologists...
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    Saltwater Suggestion

    If the plant forum can have a plant swap, can the SW section have a coral frag swap?
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    Brackish Fish Pictures

    I am in search of clear pictures of your brackish fish. All pictures submitted receive real name or TFF username credit. If you want some of your pictures in the newsletter post them here, by posting them I assume you are allowing me to use them. Please specify real name or username credit. Note...
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    A Question For You Planted Folks.....

    Have you guys ever considered creating a brackish aquascape? Do you currently have one? Why or why not? (Dont tell me there are no brackish plants, I hope I debunked that myth in the brackish forum :P ) Would you guys be interested in learning more about brackish flora? Why or why not? Any other...
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    Just Wondering..........

    Has William or the mods ever thought about putting TFF on Aqua-Rank? I am not suggesting putting TFF on Aqua-Rank, I am just curious as to if there is a reason why TFF is not there.
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    Target Fish

    Common Names: Target fish, Tiger Perch, Tigerfish, Zebra Fish, or Crescent Perch. Scientific Name: Terapon jarbua; previously known as Therapon jarbua Family: Terapontidae Origins: Various Indo-Pacific regions, ranging from the Red Sea to the Eastern African coast (and African inlands), South...
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    Poll: How Many Bettas Do You Keep?

    I have seen many members with signatures that have tons of pictures of their bettas, so I am just wondering how many you guys keep. I only keep one betta in a planted 10 gallon. I personally find them a rather interesting fish, but I cant see how anyone keeps like 9 betta bowls. :cough: Synirr...
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    Brackish Links

    Brackish Links I think it would be good to have a databse of brackish links available in one convenient thread. I have a large collection that I personally use and would be of use for many TFF members. I assume that other members do as well, so if you have links PM me or reply in this thread and...
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    Whats This New Thing?

    New brackish Pin What is it for?
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    Brackish Fish Section In Fish Index

    After reading Papasmurf's suggestion in tropical chit chat I believe he has a valid point. If there can be a seperate section for Goldfish and Koi which are Cyprinids, why cant there be a seperate section for brackish fish? There would be enough exisitng profiles to warrant one with ease. From...
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    Brackish Pictures, Post Them Here!

    Posted this in the pictures forum as well. Read here
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    Looking For Your Best Picts....

    I recently wrote Planting Brackish Aquaria and was pinned yesterday. If anyone has any pictures relating to it (such as mangroves, brackish plants etc.) feel free to post them here, and they will be put into the thread. Do you want member name credit or real name credit under the pic?
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    Planting Brackish Aquaria

    Planting Brackish Aquaria There has been a large void in the aquarium world with regards to planted brackish aquariums for a number of reasons. I hope to share my knowledge on the subject and hopefully try to fill a portion of this void and open a new field of interest to hobbyists. Why Plant...
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    Collecting Your Own Bloodworm

    Its about that Summer time again, which means pesty mosquitos, and free bloodworms! I have collected my own bloodworms last Summer with great success and I plan to do the same this Summer. One question though, is there any health risks involved when handling them? Should I wear gloves or anything?
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    Members/mod Of The Month/year?

    I havent been at TFF for too long so please excuse me if this has been done or suggested in the past. I was thinking maybe there could an award given out to a member and moderator monthly/yearly to show our appreciation of their hard work. The criteria could be something along the lines of...
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    Violet Goby

    Common Names: Violet Goby, Dragon Goby, Eel Goby, & Dragon Fish Scientific Name: Gobioides broussonnetii Family: Gobiidae Origins: Ranges from South Carolina along the Atlantic down to Brazil Habitat: Gobioides broussonnetii primarily inhabits brackish estuaries and salt waters (salt waters...
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    Arthron Nigropunctatus

    I am looking into starting a predatory FOWLR tank with various large marine inhabitants. I dont want corals, I have my hands full with my softs, mushrooms, polyps, etc in my other reef tank. I am interested in Dog Face Puffers. Is it likely for them to exceed 1 foot in captivity? And what...