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    My Daughter Serenity-grace

    We made the most of the nice weather and took some pics outside. She loves the ladybird.
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    P.kingsizei Spawning Pics And Video

    Heres the video.. they had to change locations a few times because the cobalt hated them useing his den. And heres some pics In this location she lost some eggs because they rolled off the rocks :(
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    New Addictions To My Tank

    Got a lovely WC trio of M.Callainos today, also thinned more of my lone males out so they can settle in better.
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    Gizza Kiss!

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    Metriaclima Callainos

    Common name/s: Cobalt, Cobalt Blue. Scientific name: Metriaclima Callainos Family:Cichlidae Origin: Lake Malawi, Africa Maximum size: 6" Minimum Tank Size: 55 gallons Care: A perfect Cichlid for the beginner and the experienced alike, Like any other Malawi mbuna, they need a pH ranging...
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    My Betta And His Tank

    Can I put anymore plants in here? The plants are the tops of the ones in another tank that get too big and they grow so fast and healthy in here, I was thinking of putting more in, whatcha think.
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    New Look?

    The before picsture above with the 1 large rubber green plant.. I removed this plant due to an increasing buildup of sticky stuff on it which wouldnt clean off and I had a number of sudden deaths in the tanks so it might have been the tank so anyways. I got some more fakey plants. im not...
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    My New Swordtails

    I actually went into the LFS for some cardinals but when I saw these I had to get some. i got 2m and 4 f.
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    A Poor Mans Fishless Cycle?

    I overheard 2 men in my lfs talking about cycling a new tank. one said to the other if you cant afford to buy the fish just so they can die then get a piece of bacon plop it in with the heat high... leave it for 2 weeks, take it out. leave it for a week. test the water, if ok then vacume the...
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    Powder Blue Cichlid

    Common name/s: Socolofi, Powder Blue Cichlid, Pindani Scientific name: Pseudotropheus socolofi Family:Cichlidae Origin: Lake Malawi, Africa Maximum size: 5" Minimum Tank Size: 50 gallons Care: A perfect Cichlid for the beginner, Like any other Malawi mbuna, they need a pH ranging from 7.8...
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    Id Please

    but it isnt a yellow lab. the colour is pasty yellow, it is about 2"long, the same size as my holding yellow lab.... errm what else.. it has currently dug a pit under the filter, it was only small when I gotit and I needed another lab so I got it thinking it was, there were about 15 in the tank...
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    Meth Blue And Water Changes

    I have had to add meth blue to a tank... scared me at first as I though OMG its blue but then I thoght ok this is meant to happen but 2 days later its still blue. I have done a partial wayerchange of 25% but no change. how often can I change the water and how much.
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    My Malawi Fish

    some of my malawi guys as they have grown so so so much now and a holding female lab
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    Malawi Setup

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    Can You Help Me Identify?

    Well I aquired these 2 little malawi Cichlids from the LFS. I was going in for 4 yellow labs but these were all on there own in a tank of big red zebras and they were tiny compared so I got them.. I asked him to write down what they were so I could research them as he breeds them all himself and...
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    I have 2 lake Malawi Cichlid books and in both it says to only put 1cm to 1inch of sand in the bottom as this will make better cleaning of the sand and it will help the fish as they dig and dig and dig... is this right? Im cycling the tank with goldfish at the moment and it has much more sand...
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    Moving My Tank.

    How would I move my tank downstairs from upstairs.. its cycling at the moment with 4 goldfish... but the thing is.. I want to move my community tank upstairs.. so its swapping tanks really... not yet though.. I wanna work on my cichlid tank before its fit to be a show takn downstairs.. and I...
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    Albino Plec

    I saw him the other day and fell in love, hes only tiny.. his eyes will be more blood red when he grows a bit.. hes so adorable. I got him for £2.50. Hes being housed in my community tank untill my Cichlid tank is up and running.
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    Can You Post Your Pics For Me

    Can you please show me your Cichlid tank setups so I can get some ideas for mine, I have gone through a few posts but then my fingers started aching. this way I get some inspiration and you guys get to show your tanks off :)