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    Leaking pond

    Hi, all! :) I have a concrete pond which has been established for many years, but over this last couple of weeks we have noticed an alarming drop in water volume which cannot be attributed solely to evaporation - we are talking in excess of 200 litres a day. This is costing me a fortune in...
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    New house with pond

    Hi All! :) We have recently bought a new house, and pretty much successfully transported a 55 UKG tropical tank, suffering only two losses (my Surinam Cory got himself trapped in the temporary setup, and a Bentosi White Tip died after being moved from the temp setup back to the larger tank). I...
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    Growing The Boy

    A few months ago I posted a pic of this Plec asking for ID. My instincts told me he was a Sailfin, but he was 17 months old at the time I adopted him, and still only a couple of inches in length. I got him in February, and since then (with a little indulgence) he has doubled in size. I do...
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    My Current Setup

    Here are some pics of my tank :) Bentosi White Tip Tetra (male): Bentos (female): Surinam Cory: Honey Gourami: Kuhli Loach: Peppered and Haraldschultzi cories: African Dwarf Frog (poor pic, but you have to be quick to catch him!) Amano Shrimp: Sailfin Plec: Amano...
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    2ft Ghost Koi

    Hi all! :) About six years ago I bought two baby ghost koi for a cold water tank I had. They soon outgrew this tank, so we gave them to a friend who has an awesome 1500 gallon koi pond. Tragically, this pond is about to be broken down due to subsidence damage, and our friend (who is a...
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    Can anyone help ID Plec, please?

    I am not a plec person, and for the most part they all look the same to me (well a lot of them do anyway) But I have inherited one, I don't think he will grow too large, but I would be interested to learn more about him. My sister bought him at the same time as a Bristlenose, the BS is now...
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    Bloated USD

    I have three USDs, it looks like I have two different species (considering growth rate/colouration etc) Anyway, the smallest one seems to be quite bloated all of a sudden. The tank is mature, the parameters stable at pH 7.4, Ammonia 0. Nitrites 0, Nitrates <20, the tank is 220 litres...
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    What Watts?

    Hi guys! :) I have just upgraded to a larger tank, my previous 110 litre tank had a 30 watt Hagen LifeGlo, with that lighting setup the only plant that really took off was the Amazon Sword. (I did not use Laterite or heat the substrate in that tank though) I now have a 220 litre (47 UK...
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    Khulis and sand...

    I didn't allow myself much time to adjust the camera settings, but I hope you like! :)
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    Quick cycling question

    I have upgraded my tank size today (220 litres from 100 litres). I have an Eheim canister filter (2213) which was powered down for an hour (I have not touched the media). Half of the sand in my new tank is the sand from the old tank (kept for approx 1.5 hours in buckets of old tank water) I...
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    Heat Pads

    Hi all! I am in the process of setting up a new tank. My current heater is not enough, I also have sand substrate, so I was considering my options. I went to my LFS today to buy Rena Cor, but was talked into considering a heat mat. I was advised that it would be ok to place this heat mat...
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    Hi! Happy New Year to you all! :) I am planning a temporary upgrade in tank size. Temporary as in I plan to get a 500 litre in the near future, but in the short term my 3 x 2.5-3" Clown Loaches need a bit more space, so I am setting up a 200 litre for the time being, since we plan to move...
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    White Tip Tetra

    Common names: Bentosi White Tip Tetra/ Bentos Tetra/ Ornate Tetra/ False Rosy Tetra Scientific name: Hyphessobrycon bentosi Family: Characidae Sub-family: Incertae sedis Order: Characin Class: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes) Origin: South America/Amazon River Basin Maximum size: 5cm...
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    Have Scientists Nothing Better To Do?

    The drive, the interest, the need and the technology is out there!! Meanwhile we await cures for cancer, diabetes, Lupus, funds elude the projects... Diagnostics, and treatment waiting lists, continue to embarrass the National Health... Lack of funding = lack of hospital beds...
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    Accidents, Mistakes, Close Calls and Tragedies

    Come on, we have all been there! – Share your experiences! We were all new to fish-keeping once, and unless we are arrogant (or ancient in the trade) we can all still learn something daily! For many people on this board, we did not have the luxury of the internet as a resource when we started...
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    Community Shots - Photos

    Come on and join in! :D :)
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    Livebearers - Photos

    Come on and join in! :D My Platys (mum, dad and son - the one known offspring in five months lol!)
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    Catfish Cradle - Photos

    Come on and join in! :D My Peppered Cory:
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    New World Cichlids - Photos

    Come on and join in!! :D My Rams: :)