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    Loving Ram

    awwww what a cute pic of that ram.
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    The Hybrids Have Hatched!

    awwww yay, cant believe they are still about. cant wait to see pics.
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    A Little Advice

    These stock the most excellent fish, I have my callainos "chilumba" wilds from here
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    Can Anyone Idenitfy This Cichlid?

    Yup I agree although it looks like a poorly bred one with the stripes not being quite right.
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    A Little Advice

    Yes I would stick to just the 2 because Demasoni need to be in large groups and the labs aswell will add some gorgeos yellow, make sure you get some good quality ones though.
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    A Little Advice

    I agree and with just those fish your tank will look stunning .Just remember alot of rocks.
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    My Daughter Serenity-grace

    Thanks guys and Rhiannon, yes it is a wonderful age, so many things facinate them into fits of histerical giggles.. haha also congrats and wow not long now is it for your next.
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    Blue Dolphin Cichlid

    Yes thats totally normal.
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    My Daughter Serenity-grace

    We made the most of the nice weather and took some pics outside. She loves the ladybird.
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    My New Little Baby Boy

    awwwww hes adorable
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    This is seriously the strangest most random question I have seen on a fish forum lol yes I would drink my water if I had to.
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    Any Bright Ideas?

    I use unwanted gravel in my patio tubs for drainage.
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    Assorted African Cichlids

    In my neck of the woods you get C.Moorii, auratus, crabro, lombardoi, estherae, yellow labs and a high number of hybrids.
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    My 10 Gallon And Its Inhabitants

    I think it looks lovely.
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    My Tank

    I have danios and cardinals together, 15 cardinals and did have 15 zebra danios 2 years ago, now I have 3.. I did notice as the group died off they were so much happier in a larger group as most shoaling fish are. They are fine together, I also have black neons and there colours when in a large...
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    My Tank

    I think its gonnalook gorgeous. I agree with the cardinals and the corys.. dunno about the danios though. how about some black neons.
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    P.kingsizei Spawning Pics And Video

    Heres the video.. they had to change locations a few times because the cobalt hated them useing his den. And heres some pics In this location she lost some eggs because they rolled off the rocks :(
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    Too Much Rock?

    IMO you can never have too much rock for Mbuna, they will find a space to spawn as they always do. dont worry.