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  1. Ranchu

    My Freshwater Eel

    Just sharing my Freshwater Eel      
  2. Ranchu

    My Paddlefish

    Isn't she lovely?    
  3. Ranchu

    My Leptosoma

    Fresh from the store =)
  4. Ranchu

    My Characin & Cyprinid Team

    My team
  5. Ranchu

    My Paretroplus Menarambo

    My Favorite fish among many...
  6. Ranchu

    Sharing My Reed Fish

  7. Ranchu

    Tiger's Den

    My Indo Tiger's den.. :-) The aquarium is much more stunning on video =) here's the link
  8. Ranchu

    My New Amazon Aquarium

    Hi guys.. Would really really appreciate feedback. I'm setting up a similar tank design for a fee (for the very first time). I love this very natural looking design.. however I'm not sure how other hobbyists would rate it.. Please give constructive comments. Thanks! Here's my Tank: And...
  9. Ranchu

    Amazon River Inspired Tank

    Here's my best work so far.. I made this two months ago... that is, before I shifted to a brackish tank... watching this video still makes me happy... you know that giddy feeling as a child when you walk in the fish shop and see diversity of fishes living harmoniously all in one tank...
  10. Ranchu

    Scat Pair Biting Off Each Other's Scales Weird... biting off each other... yet acting normally as if un-injured... they play around and feed normally
  11. Ranchu

    My Brackish Tank

    I'm not sure if all these fishes brackish :-) ut they sure look like a good team in a brackish set up. What do you think?