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  1. Sailfin Zach

    Show Off Your Fish 2

    About three years ago I started a topic called Show off your fish.  I was interested in seeing other oddball fish.  I looked back through the thread and wanted to start it again.  Sooo Show off your FIsh!
  2. Sailfin Zach

    Rainbow Madness

    Today I bought a Australian Rainbowfish.  It is extremely pretty and became attached to it very quickly.  I noticed it started to fight with one of my Turquoise Rainbows (which I've had for a while).  So I took him out and placed it in a smaller tank.  I thought it would of been perfect for the...
  3. Sailfin Zach

    Should I Or Shouldn't I

    I have a 55 gallon planted South/Central american fish tank and my dad suggested that I get two more swordtails. I don't want to make babies so I would like to get two more males.   This is what I have in the tank 1xSwordtail (male) 2xAngelfish (female I think) 10xPristilla Tetra 2xBolivian Rams...
  4. Sailfin Zach

    Is This Suitable For A 55 Gallon

    I have a 55 gallon South American Tank just wanted to know is this okay. 1x Thick Lip Gourami I know hes Asian I just have no where to put him 2x Bolivian Ram Pair 1x Golden Panda Molly 1x Hi-fin platy 1x Swordtail 1x Marigold Varitus 12x Neon Tetras 8x Flame Tetras 6x Glowlight Tetras 1x Pleco
  5. Sailfin Zach

    Then And Now

    Show a pic of your fish as when they were young and pic of them now
  6. Sailfin Zach

    My New 3 Gallon Betta Tank

    I recently got a 55 gallon south american tank. And I got the 3 gallon because i went to the state fair and won 2 goldfish so i bought a 3 gallon. But then I found out that they to a foot long and live for decades so i whoud be 41 yrs and still have the same fish. One jumped out so I gave my...
  7. Sailfin Zach

    Getting A New Tank

    I am getting a new tank its ethier going to be a 40 breeder or the one i really want A 40 LONG. But the only problem is that i dont know where to get one my max is 200 dollers. I am selling my 20 gallon for 100 buks. And since i have 40 bucks in my wallet i added it all up and sould get the tank...
  8. Sailfin Zach

    One Of My Neons Tetras Is Pregnant

    One of my Neon Tetras is pregnant and need help fast!
  9. Sailfin Zach

    Are My Fish Compatible

    When my Otos pass I like to get an Albino Brislenose Pleco. Because my otos are not doing much.
  10. Sailfin Zach

    How To Tell Male Or Female

    I have 2 Bullivon rams was just wanted to know how to tell male or female
  11. Sailfin Zach

    Platy In A Semi Aggresive Tank?

    Platy was fighting another platy so we put him in a semi aggresive tank this is what the tank currenly has 2x pearl gouramis 1x oppaline gourami 10x von rio tetras 6x cherry barbs 5x lemon tetras 2x otos 1x brislenose pleco 1x golden mystery snail by the way the platy is a double bar platy...
  12. Sailfin Zach

    New Bullivion Rams

    Just wanted to know more about my new bullivion rams :hyper:
  13. Sailfin Zach

    Show Off Your Fish

    This might be a little copy of Show off your tank but i just wanted since im only 10 yrs old i wanted to know what kinds of fish are in the world so i stared this topic :) POST PICS :nod: thank you
  14. Sailfin Zach

    Dead Platy

    I just found my Micky Mouse Platy dead :rip: under a piece of wood after it was doing very well DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPEND :dunno:
  15. Sailfin Zach

    New Platys

    I got a Sunburst a Micky Mouse and a Gold Wag Platies on Monday and have been doing well and just wanted to know a little bit more about them. ;)
  16. Sailfin Zach

    Sailfin Molly Sick? Help!

    Sailfin molly sick? Help!!! There is something wrong with my molly's fin and there is a scar of some sort.
  17. Sailfin Zach

    Two Glass Cats Hide Don't Know What To Do!

    I have two Glass Cats that hide and I don't know what to do!!! They hang out up by the filter swimming in place & only one eats.