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  1. Egmel

    Plumbing A Cannister Into A Drilled Aquarium

    OK, we're helping my future Brother-in-Law design, build and install his tropical tank (as a birthday prezzie). He's got a brilliant space beside his chimney over a DIY built in cupboard. It's not that deep (front to back) so the plan is to put all the equipment underneath and go in through...
  2. Egmel

    Any Idea What Fish This Is?

    First off sorry for the re-post as I've already asked this in the saltwater fish section but haven't had many replies. A friend spotted this on a diving holiday in Egypt (North Red Sea) and has been unable to identify it, wondering if you guys could help us out. If no-one's got any ideas...
  3. Egmel

    Any Idea What Fish This Is?

    A friend spotted this on a diving holiday in Egypt (North Red Sea) and has been unable to identify it, wondering if you guys could help us out. Cheers :good:
  4. Egmel


    Anyone know what this is, I've seen a couple in the tank but this was the only one I was able to catch, about 1cm long and it appears to be a predator of some kind, the way it moves suggests it hunts smaller organisms. Profile Birds eye view Just want to know the usual... Will it harm - me...
  5. Egmel

    Diy Co2

    I discovered these taps on fleabay and thought they might make an alternative to trying to seal tubing into lids. I have 2 glass bottles with metal lids and my theory is that if I screw these taps into the lids, add a bit of silicon sealant for good measure I then have a system where I can turn...
  6. Egmel

    Uk Invasive Plants

    I'm just planning my next plants purchase and was going to use Java Plants again as they've always been ok in the past (though they did have an OOS on my last order) when I decided to have a look at greenline to see if they would be cheaper. Well on their site it says that they won't import I...
  7. Egmel

    How Often Should T8 Tubes Be Replaced

    As it's often difficult to tell on a day to day basis whether lamps are dimming does anyone have any recommendations how often lamps should be replaced?
  8. Egmel

    Which Fertiliser?

    Ok, Well I've just re-scaped my tank, my new lights are in the post as is my Nutrafin CO2 Kit. It's a 20G and will have 45w of light total (2 strips of Arcadia Freshwater and one Hagen AquaGlo). It's not heavily stocked at the moment but this may change in the future ;) I have a pond soil...
  9. Egmel

    Storing Plants

    My plants arrived a little earlier than I expected so I have done my tank re-aquascaping today rather than later on in the week. However the plants that I took out (amazon swords, spiral vallis and cyrptocornes) are going to be sent to a friend. There's no point posting them over the long...
  10. Egmel

    Lighting Questions

    I've just ordered a 'few' more plants for my Juwel Rekord 70 and am now debating upgrading my lighting. I currently have a single ballast arcadia unit with a 15w original light, fitted about 6 months ago. Which conveniently leaves the back of the lid empty and ripe for converting to hold an...
  11. Egmel

    Are They Nostrils?

    This was a question someone asked me the other day and I couldn't answer. They look like nostrils... but do fish have a sense of smell as such? Do they need to warm the water before it hits their gills, are they used for cleaning? Any information would be greatly appreciated :)
  12. Egmel


    Just a note to all you guys to say thank you! I've been an active and inactive member of this forum over the last 18 months but last Monday when I came to move my fish tank to my new house I didn't even have to think about how to do it because I'd already read many threads about other people's...
  13. Egmel

    Shy Dwarf Plecs

    I have 2 Gold Spot Dwarf Plecs (like pitbulls) and they're absolutely lovely but they seem to be scared stiff of anyone being near the tank. They have plenty plenty of cover (bog wood, plants and stones) there are 'dither fish' (guppies and penguin tetras) but they just hide away all the time...
  14. Egmel

    Has Anyone Used Wormer Plus?

    like it says in the title, my guppies have had an attack of internal worms so I found this product recommended by discus keepers called wormer plus, it's a powder form and you mix it with a bit of tank water before adding it to the tank. My problem is that the tank which starts off cloudy with...
  15. Egmel

    An Addition For The Buy/sell/swap Board?

    Following on from This thread Having just dispatched of my influx of Malaysian Trumpet Snails I came up with the idea that perhaps things like these should be done in a similar way to the media donor system. Where people such as myself can register as an MTS donor and people after certain...
  16. Egmel

    When Is A Pitbull Not A Pitbull?

    I think that my little plecs may not both be pitbulls! (If in fact either of them are!) I think the larger of the 2 may be a female Gold Spot Dwarf Plec Parotocinclus spilosoma It does the colour changing thing going from sandy to quite dark brown and has the same shape as the females shown...
  17. Egmel

    Guppy - More Sickness

    I spied one of my guppies had dodgy poo yesterday morning, it was whitish translucent and had a bit of what looked like undigested food stuck in it and was definitely more stringy than the healthy poo of the others. This guppy is now very lethargic, it rests on the bottom of the tank or on any...
  18. Egmel

    Territorial Plec

    One of my pitbull plecs has grown more quickly than the other and is now starting to get very territorial. 'my food' 'my bog wood' 'my leaf' 'my bit of sand' etc. etc. Basically if he sees the smaller one he chases him away. This must be stressing the smaller one, though he appears to be...
  19. Egmel

    Guppies Swimming Vertically.

    2 of my guppies are having difficulty swimming normally. The tank has only had fish in for the past week but was fishless cycled for about a month before with all the decor etc. in the tank. Tank size: 20G pH: 7.8 ammonia: None, haven't seen any since adding fish. nitrite: ditto nitrate: 5ppm...
  20. Egmel

    To Panda Or Not To Panda?

    I was planning to get some pandas (my LFS has them in for under £4 each which is actually cheaper than most of the other cory species they stock) to go in my recently cycled tank however I've been told that they are unlikely to survive in such a new tank and that the attrition rate would be...