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    Proposed USA regulations ending fish keeping

    Clown loaches the next cryptocurrency,I predict
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    To follow up? I think this might be the best moss to grow. Its faster than Java,and it does not seem to fall apart as Java likes to do. I've already taken cuttings and those are growing very well,the original clump has covered the wood..albeit not a large piece,with lush dark green moss. Some...
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    Amazon Sword "Red Ozelot" the perfect low tech plant?

    Great sword plant. Mine has just been awakened by the iron too- the all green bleheri has sent up a few leaves living up to the sword name. You hardly see it in the old photos when right now its sticking up past the Ozelot loud and clear. Using the cheap Home Depot iron ( with zinc and yucca...
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    Amazon Sword "Red Ozelot" the perfect low tech plant?

    Thats what I forgot to mention,the leaf sizes. The Ozelot is about 12" tall with 8" leaves,3" wide and the rest is 4" of stem. So,its leafy and more colorful with growth. They love the iron.
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    Amazon Sword "Red Ozelot" the perfect low tech plant?

    Well,along the way the Marble Queen became active!..for the first time in the years I've had it,it's growing large leaves,with marbling. I'm sure it would be yellow and green under high lights and Co2. The Sword plants seem to be ignored by scapers and that's a shame. They come in colors and...
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    House Plants in Aquariums

    I would strongly recommend you add iron to the water. I promise you will see the difference in your houseplants in water because it makes a huge difference in the aquarium plants also.
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    House Plants in Aquariums

    Another plant is the money tree Pachira aquatica. As by that last name it likes its root in water. Ficus..especially if you can get one to grow water roots..then you are in like Flynn. It also depends on how much light you give these plants. A small window might not be enough..or you have a...
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    Possible job and a new species of rainbowfish

    I was wondering why the New Guinee Reds would do fine for a year or two..then stop eating. Nobody ever told me a thing about TB as a Rainbow scourge. I agree that M.boesemani is like a tank and the ultimate rainbow because of color and hardiness. Everything non M.boesemani is on the 2-3 year...
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    The closest I've found since? Bags of fine white sands at the Dollar Store.
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    Its not catfish need sand- at all. The Corydoras are just happier in the finer the sand the better. What I had was some kind of powdery sand. The Corys loved it and looked like excavators pumping the silt through the gills looking for worms and food. Even Cory cat lovers on the net? Never seem...
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    There is a reason that the top of the line substrates sold for aquariums are small gravel sized. That's just the best size there is for plant roots. Now,if you can get a large grained sand- that works well also. Neither pack down hard. It's the play sands and pool sands that can be too small...
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    Keeping a terrarium for your aquarium plants.

    For sure you need a lid. I have a pane of glass over the Metaframe. Lids on the jars. I came very close to losing a C.petchi dwarf because a Roselline barb would nibble any new growth. 2 weeks in a jar and I see new larger eaves for the first time. Some plants take our most of...
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    Keeping a terrarium for your aquarium plants.

    I've gotten where if I'm not sure a plant I wanted and bought will survive? I take a few small cuttings or strands in the case of moss and put them in jars or my 2 gallon metaframe. Sure enough two species of plants that died in my 240,are now back with my better skills a second time around and...
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    Don't be fooled by the beauty of the Red Tail Shark. You'll regret it.

    Who posted that in their natural habitat they are never found in groups and they prefer clear streams of gravel and rocks and shallow waters..Hence they adapt to aquariums but for being on the gruff side-ha.
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    Don't be fooled by the beauty of the Red Tail Shark. You'll regret it.

    They are ALWAYS active doing something. They also have no real fin biting power..just chase. So,if with the right tank mates they are great fish. So you need to look for bigger peaceful fish along the lines of Red Hooks,large Tinfoil Barbs,or medium sized cichlids that are on the let live...
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    Fish in Sumba Island, Indonesia

    Photos needed!...and appreciated. Heck,I would love to see the surrounding vegetation too. Must be rare ferns and orchids and exotic plants everywhere.
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    How do I get rid of wall algae?

    Try an old credit card. I use one to scrape off algae AND mineral scum on a Goldfish aquarium I keep outdoors. Works on the hardest algae I find. Glass or Acrylic-does both.
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    Are these rocks safe?

    They look like granite..should be fine. If you rub a finger on found rocks and it gives off some color when wet? Probably some kind of sandstone. Those are iffy.
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    Unpopular Opinions (fish related)

    On every single marine post of fish or reef and something is ill? I want to post "GET OUT! get out now!...I'm saving you thousands of $$$$ and much heartache!" Its been posted a few times..guys wake up one day and just don't want the reef anymore. 50 grand in and give away just about to get...
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    Elephant Nose Fish tankmates?

    Look at vids of Russell Tate for tankmayes of mormyrids. Kribensis easy to find..