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    Fin, body, and mouth issues

    Attached are the relevant images. Multiple rainbows have fin rot and mouth growths; one has a body lesion. I’m looking for an id and relevant treatment, please. My searches keep including melafix, so I’m not trusting the responses I find through them. Please and thank you!
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    Sexing German Rams

    I have a gold and a blue variant. Here are the pictures. I apologize for not getting a picture of the full dorsal fin, but he only let loose when facing me. The blue ram is new and getting bullied so I can't get better pictures. Thanks for the help!
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    Hikari Algae Wafers left uneaten overnight

    I dropped in a 1/4 wafer into the tank right before turning of the ambient light. The tank has 6 pygmy corydoras, 2 kuhli loaches (trying to get more, I know, I know), and 4 otocinclus. As the main ingredients are perfectly fine for the non algae-eaters, I assumed this would be gone by...
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    Chances of hands-off breeding success for pseudomugil gertrudae

    I just purchased a group of six yesterday, and they are rather amazing. The rather short lifespan is quite a downside, so I was wondering what the likelihood is of fry surviving to adulthood with: heavy plants floating and grounded mops golden pearls 5-50 micron, one type of smaller food (e.g...
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    Potential Ich; Trying to Determine If and How to Treat

    I set up a new 55 gallon tank with established media. It had several fish for a week without an increase in any of the pertinent levels. Yesterday I added a few fish that I purchased (I do not have a quarantine tank) and although every new fish seems fine, one of my older cherry barbs flicked...
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    Looking for ideas for trickle feeding frozen baby brine shrimp

    I find that the shrimp sink too fast when I pipette them in. Any ideas for creating a container or other such system for there to be a slow (either sporadic or steady) dump of shrimp? I tried cling wrap with holes poked in it, but that seemed to be a failure. I assume a brine shrimp net would...
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    X-ray tetra only eating baby brine shrimp

    I've had three x-rays in my 5.5 gallon tank for over a month now. The other two were pretty good about eating flake and dried food, but one (the rather visible runt) refuses to eat anything but baby brine shrimp. So far I have tried: fasting him, frozen bloodworms, betta flake food (small...
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    Free Cobra Male Endler/Guppy in Atlanta

    Hi All! I have a cobra endler-guppy (probably a hybrid) who is in excellent condition. He keeps herding my neon tetras due to his competition instincts. He also has three female guppes who he courts, but his order of operations is: Eat > chase neons > breed. So... I would like to give him to...
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    Converting to sand; worried about filter clogs

    I have a HOB filter in my 10 gallon tank, and the intake sits rather low (even without the extension pipe). I want to convert from gravel to sand. I have owned tanks with sand in the past, but I guess I had good luck in terms of clogging and HOB breakdowns from sand. Long story short, I am...
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    Looking for 5-10W heater with thermostat

    My betta hasn't been doing well and is exhibiting the clamped fins and flicking that is consistent with ick. I've purchased the medicine, but I need a heater that will get the water over 82F. Google has not been helpful in finding a decent product. Could someone please direct me to a site where...
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    Dc Aerator For Long Trip   I am planning on using this to transport fry with a sponge filter for about 16 hours.    The fry should be ok without the aerator, I...
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    Timely Hatchers

    I need a clutch of eggs that are guaranteed to hatch within a 3-5 day window (with accurate timing on peat moss transfers, etc.).  I am told that there is a great deal of variability between species and that generally speaking, it's not possible to accurately time when the killifish hatch.   I...
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    Brine Shrimp Yields

    I am trying to order brine shrimp online and needed some help, as I have not purchased eggs that weren't part of a kit.   I plan to use 2 2-liter DIY setups.  I will be hatching roughly 6-10 clutches for feeding and maturing.  Can someone give me some rough numbers on how many grams (or...
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    Water Test Kits

    I have purchased a master test kit that tests nitrogenous compounds and pH.  I wanted, however, to also measure salinity, hardness, and dissolve gas concentrations (namely CO2 and O2).   I'd appreciate any product inputs you guys could give me.  On that note, I know that electrical conductivity...
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    Estimates For A Batch Of Fry

    I wanted to buy a batch of fry for a project and was hoping someone would be able to help with the costs...   I was thinking: livebearers: newborn 30+ angels: 1 month 15-20 danios: 1-3 weeks 30+   Not looking for someone as of yet who would be prepared to sell them; I just want to know...
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    Help With Activity Proposal

    Hey Everyone,   I am applying for a counselor position at a camp to be help in July for two weeks that will cater to a group of 13-17 year olds.  I wanted to head an activity based around fishkeeping, and wanted some ideas from you guys with respect to progression of activities, layouts, etc...
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    Store-Friendly Music

    I'm trying to set up a playlist for use in my store. It's a convenience store located in Alabama with an older male and female demographic. Currently I have songs from Train, Depeche Mode, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, and a few other popular artists from the last decade or so. I would...
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    Tank Cover

    I have a hexagonal 5 gallon tank on top of which I would like to set a tray. The plexiglas I have seen at Home Depot is rather expensive, so I was wondering if there is a cheaper alternative. As the tank is holding a betta and some ghost shrimp, I do not have a filter, so all I need is...
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    Ghost In The Shell: Solid State Society

    Not too many people who are into anime on here... however, just thought I'd say that SSS is out, and the music is amazing. Great vocals, and of course, one cannot go wrong with Yoko Kanno. :P Looping: "player" "replica" "from the roof top" "take a little hand" If you liked the music from...
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    African Featherfin

    My synodontis always has a bulging stomach, regardless of whether I feed it everyday or skip feedings for 3 days. There is a big difference in the size of the bulge, of course, but I was wondering if this is a sign of constipation or if it is common for these fish to become gravid in aquaria. TIA