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    Fish Surgery
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    Revolution In H2o Changes

    Ever since I first started fishkeeping I've wondered why nobody's invented a device that constantly changes water in the tank, at a gradual rate. Removing something like 1 litre an hour by a drip system, and replacing it with dechlorinated tap water. Then I thought about the design obstacles ...
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    Amazing use for household item

    I'm talking about the humble plastic milk pitcher. Mine has served me well. I use it to scoop out foating junk, defrosting frozen foods, priming my aquaclear filter, so many things I cannot remember. Yes it says "for fish pee" on it, that's to keep my housemates from using it for milk :P
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    Sample setups for 10 gallon tank

    I noticed a lot of people ask about stocking 10 gallon tanks. This is a place for people to post sample stock for 10 gallons to give people ideas. Here are some of my ideas: 1 lone Dwarf Puffer - or- Cold water tank with 5 white cloud minnows and 3 ghost shrimp - or- 5 neon or cardinal...
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    Catfish pellets / Frozen Foods

    I've been feeding my Brochis splendens mostly frozen food. They regularly get daphnia and bloodworm, sometimes brine shrimp that the tetras let sink, and they get nibbles from Hikari brand spirulina wafers, but am thinking of getting pellets to round out their diet. I'm a big fan of Hikari...
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    Found a place the sells pure ammonia

    Home Hardware, it's called "Ol' Country" red and yellow bottle. If anyone is doing fishless cycle, this might help!
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    I made a logo!

    I submitted a logo to my fish club since it hasn't changed it's logo since the 70s and the former one was rather... retro :unsure: well it got picked! I just wanted to show you all since I'm so happy and it's fish-related. The pattern on the clownfish spells out OVAS in case you can't see...
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    Cockatoo cichlid breeding

    I bought 4 cockatoos (A. cacatuoides) from a breeder, 2 males and 2 females. I am pretty sure they are all from the same batch of fry. They are orange flash variety. I am trying to find someone who breeds cockatoos to trade females with to prevent inbreeding. Do the females have to be orange...
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    Filter broken!

    It's an eheim 2217. I posted in hardware but this is more of an emergency since until I get this working I don't have enough filtration. My second filter is an aquaclear 200 on a 75 gallon so I don't know how long it can keep up with the bioload. Broken filter thread in hardware section
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    Eheim 2217 not working properly

    I have a used eheim 2217 that I've been running for about a month with no problems. I did a water change today and noticed that the output was very low when I plugged it back in. I tried emptying and repriming it to no effect. The water is flowing out in a slow drizzle and it's almost...
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    I just bought a fish gadget off ebay. Screwcumber It hasn't arrived yet, just ordered today. Anyone else have one? Looks pretty simple and less messy than using plant anchors (as I've been doing).
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    Fish Related Acronyms

    Fish Species Acronyms: ABF = African butterfly fish ATF = African tiger fish BBG = Bumblebee goby BGK = Black ghost knife fish BR = Bolivian Rams ATF = African tiger fish CAE = Chinese algae eater Cory = Corydoras CKF = Clown knife fish GF = Gold fish (Not Girl friend) GN/GNC = Giraffe nose...
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    Fish trafficking

    In the aftermath of the recent thread about smuggling fish, someone on my local fish club message board posted a picture taken of a delivery of fish from montreal via the trunk of a toyota. Looks incriminating to me :P I'm in the plaid, getting my Apistogramma cacatuoides.
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    Neon Tetra

    Neon Tetra (thanks to Nisha for the picture) Lutino Neon Tetra (thanks to The_Wolf for the picture) Common Name: Neon Tetra Scientific name: Paracheirodon innesi Family: Characidae Origin: Blackwater streams in South America Maximum size: 1.75" (4.5cm) Care: Prefer to be in a shoal of...
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    Frozen Driftwood?

    I was at a fish club meeting and someone was saying she freezes her driftwood to kill anything living in it. Has anyone heard of this?
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    Most Universally Beloved Fish

    See the nomination thread for pictures and stories behind TFF's most loved fishes.
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    Most Universally Beloved Fish Nominees

    Most Loved Fish on TFF Vote Now! Nomination Rules: For a fish to be nominated it must : 1. not be your fish 2. have a name 3. have pictures on TFF for members to view The Nominees: Martha SirMinion and LadyMinion's Fahaka Puffer Nominated by Undawada Mr. Hanky CFC's Electric Catfish...
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    What NW Cichlid to get?

    You can read about my progress with my blackwater tank by clicking the link in my sig. I am making a blackwater biotope aquarium, considering the Rio Negro in Brasil as the theme. So far I've chosen Brochis splendens (Emerald Catfish) and Hemigrammus rhodostomus (Rummynose Tetras) as the...
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    Sushi and the Aquarist

    I was searching in Google Groups for info on fish, and came across a Sushi connoisseur.'s group, and some interesting threads related to sushi. I like sushi and was wondering if anyone else keeps fish and also eats sushi or sushini. Sometimes I come home with a bento box and watch TV while...
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    Eheim Aquaball

    I've seen these in the LFS and in the classifieds, are they much different from the Eheim Classic canister? I noticed they're a bit cheaper, so I assume there is some drawback. I don't even know how they work. Can anyone shed some light on these?