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  1. emma12321

    Svas Auction This Sunday 27Th March In Rotherham

    FISH SHOW AND AUCTION To be held at: Reach (Ferham) Ltd opposite St Pauls Church Masborough off Devonshire Street Rotherham South Yorkshire S61 1BD Benching 11.30 - 1 Auction and judging 1.30 for further info
  2. emma12321

    Whats Should Toads Be Doing This Time Of Year ?

    what should they be doing this time of year, i picked a toad the size of the palm of my hand out of the pond yesterday as the sides are too steep for it to get out on its own its back in there today i just melted a hole in the ice for the koi and could see it mooching about on the bottom. should...
  3. emma12321

    Double Post

  4. emma12321

    Hayling Island

    this weekend who's going? i'm going for 3 nights :)
  5. emma12321

    3ft Double Metal Stand

    Hi, I have for sale a black metal 36" by 12" stand which will hold 2 tanks the bottom tank would have to be 12" high or less though for arm access. ideal for fish house or just for people with mts. Will try and get a pic asap. looking for £20 any offers ? collection only unless you live very...
  6. emma12321

    6 Inch Silver Sharks And 8 Inch Common Plecs

    If all goes to plan i will be getting 3 foot tank tomorrow as it has some large clown loaches that i want. The tank contains various other fish which i don't want to keep all i know so far is a few 5 inch plus bala sharks and a couple of 8 inch plus common plecs. I'm not sure who's having...
  7. emma12321

    Rabbits In Snow

    they love it no matter how rubbish the weather is they always come out for a nosy round the garden
  8. emma12321

    Omg Pygmy Cory Fry

    On the 8th Of June at the midland charity auction i got 20 pygmy corys these were put in a 24x12x15" tank with a pair of LDA72 Ancistrus triradiatus, 3 endlers a few cherry shrimp and about 1000 trumpet snails and pretty much left to it. The tank is well planted with play sand on the base and...
  9. emma12321


    gutted, my biggest clown and smallest clown all dead today as well as an angelicus loach , wish i got my stupid camera fixed now i just measured him and hes just over 8 inches long. This is all because i bought a new ram which then spread whitespot through the tank and died. A couple of my...
  10. emma12321

    Ideas Please

    Anyone got a good suggesting as to how i can get 3 adult bristlenose plecs out of a jumbo juwel filter ? they decided it would be a good place to breed and i came up with a cunning plan to get the wrigglers out only left about 7 that i can't reach. they shoot down the gap next to the heater when...
  11. emma12321

    Long Finned Bn Plecs

    Hi, I was just wondering if female longfinned bristlenose plecs tend to get any bristles? I have loads of normal bristlenoses and the females just have the odd couple of bristles or none at all. I have got 3 young long fins all a similar size 2 browns which came from the same place and an...
  12. emma12321

    Fish Show And Auction Dates 2008

    Dates for shows and auctions so far for 2008 are: Sunday 3rd February - Club 2000 Auction (FNAS) Highfield Working Mens Club Ratcliffe St off Suddell Rd, Darwin, near blackburn Sunday 10th February - Yorkshire Cichlid Group Auction, St. Anne's Church Hall, Wrenthorpe, Wakefield. Sunday...
  13. emma12321

    Damn Juwel Heaters

    Well i've had a great start to my day thanks to a juwel heater which boiled my tank over night, came down this morning to the tank reading 86 both my L200 plecs dead,also a dario loach a rummy nose tetra and a Black Skirt Tetra dead. I have just changed 200 litres of water, that was great fun...
  14. emma12321

    Size Of Goldfish

    just a reminder of fancy goldfish size, remember comets and normal thin bodied goldfish get even bigger Emma :)
  15. emma12321

    Baby Bn Plec

    Hello, I'm a great granny, my baby saved from my first batch of babies is now a dad only had 15-20 babies, all brown, mum is gold. Emma :)
  16. emma12321

    My Xmas Prezzy

    Hi, Heres my latest plec. Would i be right thinking this is male due to the cheek bristles? I think my other one that i got off Paul_mts is female, shes only half the size of the new one, they spend a lot of time in the open but i have yet to get a pic with them both on. I was well chuffed with...
  17. emma12321


    Hi, These were taken last week before the weather went naff The brown one is billy he's a rex cross and the only boy. Then there is Charlie who is an abbysinian, black and ginger she is the oldest and was 5 on the 11th of Feb. Connie is a coronet (mop) but she recently had a hair cut and Holly...
  18. emma12321

    Extreme Close Up

    Shrimp I have 2 of these and 3 of a similar smaller variety. Thanks for looking Emma :D
  19. emma12321


    He stayed hidden for a few weeks but now hes settled hes out quite a bit. Emma :D
  20. emma12321

    For Paul_mts

    Red whiptails and royal whiptail which i bought off Paul recently Thanks for looking Emma :D