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  1. A Fishkeeper

    Adding sand as substrate to established gravel tank

    Hi, I have an established tropical tank with gravel substrate. It’s looking a little tatty and in need of a new look. I was wondering about putting my gravel in mesh bags. Adding some sort of nutritious substrate for plants(in mesh bags also) and then putting a layer of sand for appearance and...
  2. A Fishkeeper

    Low nitrite and cloudy water year and half in.

    Hi. I’ve added some new plants yesterday. Today my water is cloudy and when I tested water there was low level of nitrite. The plants came in the post and couple were a little worse for wear and a couple of bits had rotted in the night which I’ve removed. I know I made a mistake by washing a...
  3. A Fishkeeper

    Are these male mollies?

  4. A Fishkeeper

    Transfer to external filter

    I have an established tank with an internal filter. I have just added an external filter, I have read that I should run them both for 6 weeks and then transfer the old media into external filter and then I can remover the internal filter. I’ve squeezed the internal media into the tank to try and...
  5. A Fishkeeper

    Help! Male guppy so swollen scales sticking out

    Please help. my male guppy has become spiked like a pine cone. what can I do about it and what has caused it?
  6. A Fishkeeper

    3 weeks cycling. High ammonia for 2 weeks, no nitrite and low nitrates

    Hi I’m nearing the end of my 3rd week of cycling. Doing a fishless cycle with flaked food. I’ve had high ammonia for 2 weeks but never any nitrite. I do have nitrate. how long until I should start to see nitrite rise and ammonia go down?