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  1. Phantom Thief

    Urgent Information: Soap

    I need to know everything as regards to the effects of soap in the aquarium, including symptoms in the fish and how to get rid of it. I did a major aquarium overhaul today and there appears to be some soap residue in the aquarium. The fish are fine, 4 hours on, but I've only just noticed a...
  2. Phantom Thief

    Guitar Strings Rust?

    Ok, i've got a strat, and the strings keep rusting. I'm not sure exactly why, or if it's because i live in Malaysia (humidity), so anyone has experience with this before? Thanks, P.T.
  3. Phantom Thief

    Tank Makeover

    So, my 69g currently has a gravel substrate. Filtration is overflow, and its current stock is: 9 Cardinal Tetras 3 Buenos Aires Tetras 5 Head and Tail Lights 1 Featherfin Syno 2 other juvi Synos 4 Kuhli Loaches. I have another 4 days of my school holidays so i intend to do a few things...
  4. Phantom Thief

    Cories Never Last For Me...

    Basically, here's my fish stats. 65 gallons, overflow filtration, no plants except one java fern, a fair bit of driftwood, and pretty fine gravel. Cories never last more than a few months in my tank, and i really can't figure out why. It's like they just slowly waste away and then just die, no...
  5. Phantom Thief

    Stocking a 30 gallon

    So, as some of you might know, i've got two tanks. The 65g is doing great, albeit for a small algae problem (i've got both brown and green algae, how does that work out?!), but the 30g has been left empty for a fairly long time. Yesterday, i got two siamese algae eaters which i intended to put...
  6. Phantom Thief

    Anabas Testudineus

    Interesting fish, this. I know its max size, and that's about all i know about it. Can anyone here give me more info on it? Thanks P.T.
  7. Phantom Thief


    There is what i believe to be a gar that i have impulsively bought home. It is silver in coloration, with the exception of a single black spot at the base of its tail fin. Does anyone know what gar this is? P.T.
  8. Phantom Thief

    Sillaginopsis panijus

    I saw it in my lfs the other day, pretty neat looking. Can't seem to find much info on the net though, pretty barren. Anyone can enlighten me on this fish? P.T.
  9. Phantom Thief

    Euthanisation in SW Fish

    I've never heard about anyone euthanizing SW fish. Has anyone here done it? P.T.
  10. Phantom Thief

    Dyed Glass Catfish

    I went to the lfs a few days back, and guess what they had in one of the tanks? That's right, DYED glass cats. It was SO freaky looking, just horrible!!! I thought glass cats were supposed to be very sensitive, how could they have survived the dyeing? -_- P.T.
  11. Phantom Thief

    Need help!!!

    Recently i had the idea of keeping a house gecko as a pet, so i'd been on the lookout for one around my home. Today i found one, it appears to be only a baby as it is about 1 inch long. But it has a big problem, it's leg appears to be broken :( . So anyway, i brought it in and put it in a...
  12. Phantom Thief

    Hillstream Loaches

    I just went to the LFS to get some ghost shrimp. The guy at the lfs decided to give me a hillstream loach, since it was the only one left and he said no one seemed to want it for some reason. Anyway, i've read what i can on the net, but i just wanna hear from some of you guys with first-hand...
  13. Phantom Thief


    Check this link out: P.T.
  14. Phantom Thief

    Gourami - Pearl

    Common Name/s: Pearl Gourami, Leeri Gourami Scientific name: Trichogaster leeri Family: Belontiidae. Origin: Southeast Asia Maximum Size: 4" Care: One of the hardiest gouramis around. They prefer an acidic pH, but do not demand it. Will tolerate pretty much any aquarium water as long as...
  15. Phantom Thief

    Glass Catfish

    Common name/s: Glass Catfish, Ghost Catfish, Asian Glass Catfish Scientific name: Kryptopterus minor Family: Siluridae Origin: Southeast Asia Maximum size: 4" Care: These fish can be rather sensitive to water conditions, and thus a matured tank is required. When stocking this fish, put it...
  16. Phantom Thief

    Fish Myths

    Let's bust some myths. Anyone who can bust the myth, please bust it and add some evidence so we know you aren't just showboating :P . Some of these myths may be true, in that case, please help confirm it to make it sure. 1) Fishes grow to according to the size of their tank. 2) Carbon leeches...
  17. Phantom Thief

    Cardinal Tetra

    Common name/s: Cardinal Tetra, Red Neon Scientific name: Paracheirodon axelrodi Family: Characidae Origin: South America Maximum size: 2" (5cm) Care: A soft, acidic water is preferred by these guys as most of them in the lfs are wild caught from the amazon. As with most tetras, they...
  18. Phantom Thief

    Featherfin Catfish

    Common name/s: Featherfin Catfish, Featherfin Syno Scientific name: Synodontis eupterus Family: Mochokidae Origin: Africa Maximum size: 8" Care: The minimum tank size for this fish would be a 30 gallon. Quite a tough fish. Water parameters are irrelevant as long as extremes of pH and...
  19. Phantom Thief

    Additions To 30g Predator Tank

    Current inhabitants: 1 Channa Bleheri (2") 1 Polypterus Senegalus (3") Any cool oddballs or predators to add to this tank? I was thinking maybe a peacock spiney eel, think that'd work out? P.T.
  20. Phantom Thief

    Marbled Goby

    Could i fit one in my 30g with my Channa Bleheri and Polypterus Senegalus? P.T.