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  1. jonny_dw

    Pricing Advice

    Hey everyone, Im putting my tank up for sale soon as was wondering what sort of price I should be asking for a rekord 120 with a fluval external 205. Thanks for suggestions :)
  2. jonny_dw

    Growth Rate Per Month

    Cant seem to find a straight answer anywhere but what is the average growth rate per month for a common goldfish and comet when giving the correct space and diet? Need to know for an estimate for my mates pond :good:
  3. jonny_dw

    I Want Your Pictures!

    New project tank underway, looking for large shoals of zebra danios and probably neons, any other suggestions of small fish for a big shoal?
  4. jonny_dw

    My Oscar

    Heres a quick picture of my oscar, hes doing well, grown just over an inch in the month Ive had him, really enjoying keeping this fish, my first oscar :)
  5. jonny_dw

    Oscars And Greens

    Hey, Had my tiger oscar for 3 weeks tomorrow and already looks to have easily put an inch on and thickened up nicely! Ive been feeding hikari gold pellets,squid and prawn and have read to get some greens in their diet. I tried peas yesterday and he ate them fine, but this morning I noticed...
  6. jonny_dw

    New Oscar

    Okay so on my day off, went to LFS and got my tiger oscar, was suposed to be 8.99 but got it for 6.00 cause I had to wait abit (nice or what?!) lol Few questions, its been lieing on the gravel from time to time, I know this is normal sulking behaviour but I was curious as to how long it takes...
  7. jonny_dw

    A Cichlid With Personality.

    Im looking for a cichlid with personality, tank size isnt really an issue, just not too sure what to go for. Obviously all fish have their own different temperments but generally what species tends to have good personality on a whole? Thanks :good:
  8. jonny_dw

    Pristobrycon Striolatus

    Livestock: Pristobrycon Striolatus Piranha Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: Need the tank for a new fish! Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: Open to Offers Postage & Packaging: N/A Location: Derby Photograph:
  9. jonny_dw

    Neon Shoal.

    Im thinking of having a tank with just neon tetra's in, only ever had like 6-8 before but Im thinking of getting around the 20 mark and wondered if anyone had any pictures of their tanks with a shoal around that mark, also considering cardinal tetra's too :) Thanks in advance :good:
  10. jonny_dw

    Piranha Club

    Well there is snakeheads and oscar ones so I thought why not start a piranha one! Post up a picture of your fish and put your post number in your sig "eg Piranha Club 1*" So here is mine It's a female, around 4.5 to 5" now, had her since 11th September 2008 at 3" sorry my phone camera is...
  11. jonny_dw

    I Think I Know The Answer To This Anyway But..

    Will a fluval 105/205 hose fit onto a 305?I know that the 305/405 take different hoseing so I figure it wont work but thought I'd ask anyway :)
  12. jonny_dw

    New Convict

    Hello guys :) I bought myself a convict earlier in the week, believe its a male but not totally sure, Ill try and get a picture but he doesnt seem to like my camera lol Anyway Ive been doing alot of reading on convicts and trying to set up a perfect environment for the little fella. I didnt...
  13. jonny_dw

    Newly Borns

    Well last night I was looking in the tank and noticed a tiny little thing moving near some slate, looked closely and it was a tiny fish! Then I started noticing more of them,ever so curious exploring around. Anyway I was wondering if theres any particular things I need to do to help them...
  14. jonny_dw

    Pregnant Swordtail?

    Im no expert on swordtails or livebearers but I think this female swordtail I have is pregnant mainly due to the size of her and a dark spot thats visible. I was hopeing someone could confirm that she is pregnant and any ideas how long till she bursts lol. Apologises for the poor quality pictures.
  15. jonny_dw

    25 Litre Tank

    Since my betta died a few months back Ive been stuck on what to put in my 25 litre tank -_- Bit too small for 10 gallon type fish and not keen on shrimps or frogs etc, any ideas? I was wanting platies but I figure its abit on the small size. Any help appreciated :)
  16. jonny_dw

    Betta Passed On

    Well this morning I found my betta dead. It wasnt settling in very well and its behaviour was starting to worry me but today was its last straw. Cant see any particular reason why it died, temperature at right temp, cycled filter, introduced into the tank corrrectly, I guess its just one of...
  17. jonny_dw

    Hikari Flake

    Anyone use Hikari flakes? If so are they any good? how are they for growth rates and colour etc. I know the pellets are good so was wondering if the flakes were the same. Thanks :good:
  18. jonny_dw

    So Youve Decided You Want To Keep Piranhas

    The first thing you have to know before buying a piranha is the myths behind them are hugely exaggerated. Piranhas on a whole are shy, skittish fish that can be frightened easily. Piranha's are legal in all parts of the UK. Although in some US states they are illegal due to people releasing...
  19. jonny_dw

    Pictures Of My New Betta

    My betta seems to have settled in rather quick. Has been swimming around today exploring, eat some bloodworm and has been enjoying sitting in the plants and on top of the filter lol Anyway here are a few snap I took on my phone. Please excuse the wires behind, Im getting a background on soon...
  20. jonny_dw

    New To Betta's

    Hey all, Ive kept quite a few community tanks over the years and most recently piranha's. I decided I wanted something different that wouldnt need a big tank for space reasons. Anyway Im very keen on the betta idea. Ive been doing quite alot of research and find there is ALOT of contridicting...