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  1. davros

    Hello, Im Rocky!

    We need to work on your education son!
  2. davros

    I found wood, FINALLY!!!

    In the olden days pieces like that would often come with flat piece of slate affixed to the bottom - a hole drilled thru the slate and a ss or brass screw spun into the wood. So that would be one way to do it
  3. davros

    Internal Cannister Filter?

    I have an old fluval u1? in one of my "nano" tanks and a small pennplax in the other. Prefer them over HOBs
  4. davros

    Is the python actually worth it?

    That looks like maybe it has a built in adjustable spray nozzle? Suspect Maybe not so easy as others
  5. davros

    History on the point of a spade

    I stopped once and picked up a hitchhiker. He said " thanks for stopping and not assuming I'm a serial killer or something" I replied "Well, the odds of there being two serial killers on this road are very very slim"
  6. davros

    What fish is this

    Looking further-Missing the white tips on the fins and darker eyes I guess- I will not apply for a job at a LFS.
  7. davros

    What fish is this

    Some stores here list them as "golden white clouds" So I can see the confusion FWIW
  8. davros

    Oh the Drama!

    Did you have Flagfish or did they magically appear? :)
  9. davros


    The original British " The Office" Better off Ted True Lies A fish Called Wanda Allo Allo
  10. davros


    Galaxy Quest
  11. davros

    Other hobbies

    That's cool, I toured the oversized reproduction a few times when it was berthed in Fla. ( oversized so they could fit the film eqpt/crew IIRC)
  12. davros

    Where to buy aquarium plants?

    We have quite a bit of plant trading on our local exchange boards, kijiji here- maybe craigs list or others for you?
  13. davros

    Wedding song

    Wow that was a long time ago... Wedding march by Mendelssohn, he just finished writing it?....
  14. davros

    A good day...

    Fundulus diaphanus- the govt only seems to care abut the populations in NFLD. Can't figure that one out. Ont and Manitoba gave up?
  15. davros

    A good day...

    As a woodworker I look at trees and think about dragging them to the mill and how many board feet I might get. Lately the thoughts are more like: hardwood? - any interesting dead branches? -aquarium sized?....
  16. davros

    Ants and Aphids

    I think the ants "milk" the aphids?
  17. davros

    Krib ate 6 neons

    Midsomer Murders Brit "procedural"as they call it there set in the town/area Midsomer and shown on PBS in North America. As Gary alluded to -best noted for always having multiple murders. Good show tho.
  18. davros

    Tracking that package

    I guess if you were willing to pay those those thieves at dee-h-ell it would come pretty quick but at a co$t.
  19. davros

    & More extension....

    Interesting to drill down, Troy Bilt is part of MTD which is now part of Stanley B&D.