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  1. Chen jing kai

    What should I do?

    From the start of this year, I realised it has been quite busy juggling school work, my own life and taking care of my fish tank. However, I simply do not have time for cleaning and maintenance of the fish tank and it is not turning out the way I initially wanted it to. Even after 4 years, I...
  2. Chen jing kai

    Is my Hara jerdoni okay?

    It’s skin looks like it’s fading. The others however appear quite okay with full colouration and of a good size IMO.
  3. Chen jing kai

    Fin ray count

    This was used to express how many caudal fin rays there are in a fish. The highlighted part. What does this mean?
  4. Chen jing kai

    Hara jerdoni feeding

    I have 6 Asian stone catfish or anchor catfish and I was wondering how to find out if they have been eating well? I have a yo-yo loach, four sterbai corydoras and one pleco, I was told the yo-yo loach could fit in a 20 gallon and live on its own, however I have recently found out that the shop...
  5. Chen jing kai

    Fungus growing on wound

    Previously, I have posted that my gourami had a wound on him and now it is growing fungus. Can I use API Fungus cure to treat it? Should I start using something to let it heal quicker? My water quality had actually become a bit worse because for a period of time I ran out of bacteria to use.
  6. Chen jing kai

    Red sore on gourami

    Hi there appears to be a red sore around my dwarf gourami’s ventral or pelvic area. Is this a disease or is it a cut? What should I do about this?
  7. Chen jing kai

    Won’t eat food

    I have a female nothobranchius flammicomantis been eating anything I have given it. She had always avoided feeding and always hid out at the other parts of the tank. I thought it was okay as I presume they are not restricted to feeding at the top part of the tank. I realised she was much thinner...
  8. Chen jing kai

    What species is this

    Hi. What species is this? Is it a crossocheilus langei? Or is it another type? I only realised today it probably isn’t a true SAE.Thanks in advance.
  9. Chen jing kai

    Gender identification

    Hi which one is a male and which one is a female. I am guessing the one on the right is a male however it is not as colourful as males of the same species when I look it up online. Could someone help me by stating which is a male or female. Thank you in advance.
  10. Chen jing kai

    Killifish swimming at the base of the tank

    Killifish likes to hide and the bottom of the tank and almost hugs the substrate. Is that normal behaviour? My first time keeping them and I have read that they are usually like top dwellers.I also thought they wouldn’t stay at the base so much as their mouth is pointed upwards so like feed from...
  11. Chen jing kai

    First aquascape attempt

    Is my set up okay? Thank you.
  12. Chen jing kai

    What plants are these?

    I am gonna make a planted tank tomorrow and I cannot identify the species of the plant as of now. Thank you.
  13. Chen jing kai

    Floating corydora?

    My corydora has been exhibiting weird behaviour. He has started to hover around the middle area of the tank and is moving slowly. Is this a swim bladder issue? Has anyone encountered this before? Thanks.
  14. Chen jing kai


    How long to cycle a new filter in an already established tank? Thank you.
  15. Chen jing kai

    Setting up a planted tank

    Hi, I have a tank already set up but it is not planted in anyway (as in the plants are not in the substrate). It has been running for about a year and I am planning to change the substrate to the Fluval plant and shrimp stratum. However, I do not have a separate tank to store the fish and can...
  16. Chen jing kai


    Hi, is this pleco eating ok or is he eating way too little or too much? I am able to sort of see some bone sort of structure on the top of its head.
  17. Chen jing kai

    Fat yoyo

    My yo-yo loach has a very large stomach and it keeps eating non-stop. The stomach is very visible and I worry if there is any way to help the yo-yo lose weight. Thank you.
  18. Chen jing kai

    My cories schooling in groups of 4.

    I recently just got four more corydoras to help complete a school in my 20 gallon. At first all 6 of them were schooling together quite a bit but after a few days I realised some of the corydoras started gathering in a group of 4, while the other 2 were elsewhere in the tank. Is there any reason...
  19. Chen jing kai

    Nutritious substrate for under gravel filter?

    I am currently using coral gravel for my under gravel filter but I want to use a nutritious substrate instead so plants can grow better. Also, if I switch the filter, do I have to restart the entire process of cycling my fish tank again? Sorry for asking so many questions and thank you.