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  1. GaryE

    Ants and Aphids

    Perfect fish food. Here's your thought of the day: certain types of ants farm aphids.
  2. GaryE

    Why is this forum useful

    One of my favourite fish pics was taken underwater by friend who was in the Amazon region. It's a lovely tetra with one spot of Ich. He said he saw that often, but because the fish weren't trapped together in tanks, it was one and off. The parasite had to swim a lot to find a new host when the...
  3. GaryE

    Bulk flake food

    For a long time, I thought when I retired, I'd have to eat cat food. But no, it's fishfood all the way. The problem is, if a person is a bit of a flake, is the fish food cannibalism?
  4. GaryE

    The Danger of Chlorine

    @Colin_T Right ... local conditions here. Here, you can occasionally smell the chlorine,and it gasses off easily. I forget sometimes that I'm surrounded by clean freshwater, with lakes around there aren't even roads to. I'm surprised they haven't gone the chloramines route the way drier or...
  5. GaryE

    crack in top rim of tank

    Cracks in glass can go for a while, but generally, one day, they take off. Everything depends on the direction they go in. Silicone will plug them, but not hold them. I have repaired tanks no one but me looked at (fry rearing tanks, never show tanks) with pieces of glass siliconed into place...
  6. GaryE

    Tracking that package

    I agree. I keep them over a dark grey sand normally. That shot was of 2 young males sparring in a tank I'd grown fry out in. Put them with a darker substrate and they darken a lot. They really look good. If I go the bare tank route, I paint the outside bottom black. My usual mantra kicks in -...
  7. GaryE

    Food supply

    Go for this offer if you can! If I wanted to, I could feed my entire fishroom daily off 3 cultures of whiteworms I run. They are rich food, so I limit quantities. For breeders, they are a staple. They fire up egg production. @Lynnzer must have rosy cheeked English whiteworms there. Bread and...
  8. GaryE

    The Danger of Chlorine

    Both sides used a form of chlorine gas in World War One. It is deadly. So are rocks, in large numbers flying through the air. This post is kind of alarmist. The amounts of chlorine in drinking water are quite small, and really easy to handle for a fishkeeper. Like rocks in aquariums, really...
  9. GaryE

    Tracking that package

    Aphyosemion zygaima.
  10. GaryE

    Tracking that package

    I got a killie in 1992, and found out I probably had the last pair in captivity. I realized I had to learn fast, as these fish were new to me then. For the first 3-4 years, I got at most 5 eggs per week. I got 37 males for every female. As I experimented, I figured out how to get slightly more...
  11. GaryE

    Bad day at the dentist

    This is a wild dentist tale. I went to a guy when I was 17, as my father had dental insurance with his work and I was about to be too old. I had over a dozen cavities. A few weeks later, the dentist showed up murdered in the river. He had had massive gambling debts. I've had a few dentists since...
  12. GaryE

    (Urgent) My Endler has small pebble lodged in it's mouth!

    Fish in glass houses should not throw pebbles.
  13. GaryE

    Ick treatment in nursery aquarium

    All it takes is one parasite on a fry, and it can be a goner. Every treatment gets the Ich after it has fed and the cyst has burst. The freeswimming ich is vulnerable to the meds. In its white cyst, it feeds undisturbed and armoured. We often disagree here about ich, but this is the only...
  14. GaryE

    Krib ate 6 neons

    I have never had such a thing happen with kribs, and they've been a favourite for decades. But most likely, it ties into a social fish being alone. Behaviour gets twisted. Lone Cichlids, even gentle species, get weird sometimes. He isn't even predatory - he's a "detritivore" - an eater of...
  15. GaryE

    Krib ate 6 neons

    A Midsomer tank....
  16. GaryE

    Tracking that package

    For any "ordinary", locally available fish, I would pay extra to buy it locally. Even a fish from a pet chain. It's when your interest is out there a bit that mail order steps in. My last shipment of killies arrived with the side of the box crashed in, and several fish dead. When I buy eggs...
  17. GaryE

    Lost In Translation

    A question for my American friends, in the vein of what @wasmewasntit has been saying. Until just over 150 years ago, until 1865, if you had the cash you could go to a slave market and buy a woman, a man or a child away from his/her parents. You could keep them in servitude, and sell them if you...
  18. GaryE

    Blue Acara Male Chasing Female

    Hah. An important rule for forums is to read the entire thread before posting. Even then though, you can easily miss the date though, if it catches your interest.
  19. GaryE

    Remembering our liberators

    Every year, the Netherlands sends masses of tulips to Canada, where they are on display in Ottawa, the capital city. It's very beautiful, and is a gesture that's deeply appreciated. We come through a terrible winter, and in Spring, those gifted bulbs produce colour and beauty - quite symbolic of...
  20. GaryE

    The dna underneath albino

    By stable, I mean true albinos that if crossed with each other produce mainly albino fry. I'm not sure my Pelvicachromis were true albinos, and back then, I didn't even consider doing proper research. I don't recall their eyes, just their colouration. I was young once...