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  1. Sgooosh

    xipophorus gender question

    hello, I have a tank with many "neon swordtails". it used to be a pair of one huge male and female and they had a lot of babies, but they were all female. I'm wondering if there can only be one male xipophorus in a tank because platies and Montezuma are on my wish list
  2. Sgooosh

    plants getting eaten by something

    hello, in my 75g my hygrophila polysperma and rotala rotundiflora are getting their leaves eaten by something. i assume it could be: pest snails not getting fed enough adding new Harlequin rasboras which one could It be? there are little holes in the leaves
  3. Sgooosh

    Types of epiphytic orchids

    Hello! I've recently been looking at orchids from Trader Joe's. They only list the names of Phalaenopsis orchids, the other orchids are listed as "exotic orchids". they all seem to be epiphytic. can someone give me a list of epiphytic orchids so I can identify them by leaf/bulb? Thanks...
  4. Sgooosh

    75g planted restoration

    Hello! I've just returned from an 11-day trip, and I am ready to start renovating the tank since summer break is here. I have a 75g planted community tank that was neglected on the plants and scaping. here are the issues: 1. overrun by green hair algae. 2. black spot mold has been plaguing my...
  5. Sgooosh

    How to Breed Harlequin Rasbora: Trigonostigma heteromorpha

    Hello! I have a colony of about 9-10 rasboras, and I'm wondering how I can breed them! any tips or suggestions? Thanks
  6. Sgooosh

    Fin rot or bite?

    Hello, one of the older guppies in the 75g has this red spot on his tail. Is this just an injury or fin rot? Or should i treat with salt just in case anyway
  7. Sgooosh

    white blotches on cory

    there are some white blotches on cory after ich treatment, i am thinking they may be burn marks i will seperate him and take a picture
  8. Sgooosh

    sand vaccuuming

    recently i treated my fish for ich, and it ppl say i need to sand vaccuum, how do i do this and suck out as little sand as possible so i do not have to dump it back in?
  9. Sgooosh

    guppy pond

    can tropical guppies survive outdoors when put outside in summer in zone 9b?
  10. Sgooosh

    Leaving fish without food

    Do you guys think a fw jungle 75g could survive 10 days without food? Ill give them a hearty meal before and after the trip
  11. Sgooosh


    i am pretty sure this is ich. what are some good prodcts that have treated ich for you that are SAFE FOR INVERTS
  12. Sgooosh

    Sticky fish

    When i was looking in the tank, i noticed one of the small fish had stuff stuck to him, will it fall off? Mostly on his tail
  13. Sgooosh

    venus flytrap care

    Hello, i just got a venus flytrap from trader joes. it seems pretty healthy not really sure how long to soak it in water though, is there anything else i should watch out for?
  14. Sgooosh

    questions of confusion + new fish

    question: how do i care for julii cories? will they get along with anaeus cories/ basically something wierd happened i wanted anaeus cories, but the guy there didnt really know so he gave me "sterbai cories" i did not pay attention. then turns out the sterbai cories were actually julii cories...
  15. Sgooosh

    vallis baby amount?

    hello! i'm wondering how manny babies a vallisneria can produce. there was one that produced a baby, and i cut it and moved it upstairs to the mini tank, and it did not sprout any more babies i', wondering if they can only have one baby in a chain
  16. Sgooosh

    baby swordtails all seem to be female

    hi, i've had baby swordtails for 5 months or more now, and they all never grew their tails and all seem to be female is this an issue or just luck?
  17. Sgooosh


    This is my male pearl gourami. I know i should only have a pair but i have 1 male and 3 female By accident He got stuck to the filter one day and he was weak and spit out food i ate
  18. Sgooosh

    wanted: mosses other than java moss

    hi! does anyone know any good places or have a store that sells christmas moss or other stuff? i'd be happy to check it out thanks!
  19. Sgooosh

    how to grow lichens

    i found some lichens in my yard and i want to grow them but i am not sure how. i kept moss in a little greenhouse but i am not sure if lichens can also be kept that way
  20. Sgooosh

    shrimp in BlackWater?

    i have a blackwater 15g and i'm wondering if i can put neocaridinia shrimp in it i have one shrimp (hitchiker) that will probably be eaten if in the big tank there's only some snails and a betta in the blackwater 15g