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    Platy And Molly?

    both are
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    Spots On My Plants

    co2 reactors are a pain in the #17#####.... i have banana plants too and i just use aquarium pharmaciuticals (API) fertilizer. spots arent a big deal
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    Hiatus On Fish

    I am very sorry to hear of your pet's sickness. I'm sure that all in all you gave Tater a great life. Likewise to the above post, come back if you are ready. We understand your situation, and it's a tough one.
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    not for a little while. my angel breeding is going pretty well and im having eggs once a week from only three of them
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    my dad has saltwater!
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    A Game

    You can tell if a skunk is about if you smell only .000000000000071 ounce of its spray.
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    for that reason alone now i want salt water. anyone want 77 gallons of freshwater?
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    Discus Has Hole In The Tail...! ( Photos Added ) - ( Video Added )

    maybe it was just a thin area of skin and it was nipped and came off.....
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    i use rubber bands
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    How Much Water?

    i like to fill my tank all the way because my filter causes an annoying dripping noise. its also a good idea to because that means it will take longer for water to evaporate.
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    Top Gear

    there are other websites. try:
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    Top Gear

    just watch it online :good:
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    Constant High Ammonia Levels In Established Tank - Help!

    the intention of ammo lock is that it becomes a less harmful form of ammonia, and ammonia still shows up on tests. i would do bigger water changes
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    Need Some Help Finding A Fish Shop In Barcelona

    fish stores have good stuff in israel!
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    I Need Some Advise

    make of the car?
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    I Need Some Advise

    can't you just use tap water?
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    Dying Fish Vs. Sleeping Fish- Did I Just Over React?

    i also find my fish tend to breathe a little heavier when sleeping. sounds like sleeping to me. if the snail trap is an aquatic one (wow i want one now) it should be fine.
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    Red Gills

    are red gills the only symptom?
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    Is My Platy Pregnant Or Just Fat?

    i would get a breeder net but only for the babies. catch as many as possible while the birthing is happening because it is nearly impossible to guess when to put her in and guessing when at the wrong time can cause miscarriages and death for the babies and mother. you can put the babies in the...