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  1. finfayce

    best way to - kindly- get rid of bladder snails

    the bladder snails are taking over! if i try scrap them off, they fall into the gravel. then it’s a real pain. don’t want to squish. any ideas?
  2. finfayce

    guppies nipping on cory catfish!

    hi- one of my cory cat fish has scales missing from the front top of his head and part of his tail missing. i thought he had hurt himself. also the top of the internal filter wouldn’t stay on. i put waterproof first aid tape on it to prevent exposed sharp edge. i ‘ll look for a replacement top...
  3. finfayce

    sponge filter clicking noise

    hi i have a noisy sponge filter. it is a clicking sound. i have cleaned it , put new sponges on it. didn’t change anything. i’m thinking they’re not too expensive, so i should probably replace it. anyone agree with or have a different solution. thanks
  4. finfayce

    rainbow darters eat snails

    i have been putting some of the zillion bladder snails in my rainbow darters tank. i read they eat snails. so that explains why i don’t see them on the glass! i even feel sorry for the live mealworms i feed my birds. i know it’s “ circle of life “ thing , but still i feel a little guilty...
  5. finfayce

    native north american fish

    this is my 30 gallon tank. it contains 3 rainbow darters 3” 3 least darters 1 1/2” 1 blue spotted sunfish 2” bladder snails plastic plants foam filter 2 “wave” devices that cause water movement. incandescent lighting because i read they don’t like fluorescent light these darters -about 1 1/2...
  6. finfayce

    i know i over- reply

    before a moderator tells me, i know i put too many replies in the wrong place. sorry. i’m old lol
  7. finfayce


    ok- technically not a tropical fish post, but most people i know of on the forum read here. ok- i watched a Weather Channel episode about sea creatures that can be bioluminescent. they showed a surfer at dusk/ night. as he surfed the waves lit up bright blue! like lights. it’s amazing. so i...
  8. finfayce

    cute shrimp!

    hi haven’t been on for awhile and now just have time to add this cute pic of one of my amano shrimp. i found specific sinking food for shrimp and they like the smaller size. they are so cute- i know i’m bragging. ❤️
  9. finfayce

    bladder snails eating amano food

    hi at first the bladder snails were good- helping clean glass. now there many little snails all over the sinking pellets for my amano shrimp! i transferred some snails to my guppy tank. it’s hard to net the real tiny one so i use a long turkey baster kind of thing ( it’s for feeding coral ?)...
  10. finfayce

    beautiful guppies

    hi i ‘m not sure if my guppies are extra pretty? or am i like a bragging mom😉
  11. finfayce

    bladder snail eggs?

    hi are theses bladder snail eggs?
  12. finfayce

    do goldfish eat bladder snails

    hi i have small bladder snails that came in with a plant. they are getting bigger and they appear to help clean the tank bottom. i have a large (4-5”) fantail goldfish. will the goldfish eat the snails? goldfish tank gets algae on the glass.
  13. finfayce

    clogged python system

    i am having a great day with unplugging the python cleaner. i took all the parts apart 3 times. got it to flow to fill the tank. now the switch to turn off the wand doesn’t work. anyone know what position the ball inside one of the pieces should be?😳
  14. finfayce

    wiggly white worm

    hi- i discovered a disgusting little worm thing in my amano tank. it’s about 1/4” long, white. no find or legs- just like worm. my OCD re: bugs is going nuts! what is it- is it contagious to people or the shrimp. must have come in with the java moss mats. i bought the mats from the place that...
  15. finfayce

    all of a sudden with my amanos are many really tiny snails.

    hi- i have had my amanos for a few weeks. they are eating, acting normally. but today i found some really tiny dark snails in there with them. i have 2 java moss mats. i had soaked them alone in tank water in a separate container. swished them around. never saw snails. 🤷‍♀️
  16. finfayce

    amano shed?

    hi think one of my amanos has shed. i read ir’s normal, but certain tank conditions can make it bad. like the wrong ph. any thoughts on proper tank conditions for my amanos ie - ph?
  17. finfayce

    plecostomus question and amano feeding

    hi i have a beautiful fantail goldfish 4-5” long including tail. plecostomus about the same size. can they be in a 20 gallon by themselves? right now pleco is in guppy tank with another pleco same size, 4 cory fish and probably 18 guppies. overcrowded. will ask petco to take some more. goldfish...
  18. finfayce

    anyone have experience cleaning tank containing amano shrimp?

    hi i have read amano shrimp are escape artists. i won’t use my Python cleaning system. might suck a shrimp. so if i just use a hose with screen top still on ( part way) how fast are these little buggers?to escape.
  19. finfayce

    water treatment additive based on tank size or amount of water added during water change

    when i do large water change i add de-chlorinator based on tank size. with my amano shrimp tank should i measure water additives based on amount of water added or by tank size?
  20. finfayce

    assimilate live moss mat?

    hello all i received the the live java moss mat to put in my amano tank. how do i add it safely? it’s sealed in a flat plastic bag. thanks