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    How often do I need to do water changes in a tank that's just been set up?

    It better not be daily, heard someone say that now I'm worried. It's gonna be planted if that makes a difference.
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    Could I keep a single blood parrot in a standard 29 gallon or an 82 by 40 by 39cm (32.5 gallons)?

    A lot of stores say it's okay but it is in their interest to sell the fish so I don't fully trust them. If so, could I keep any fish with them? Thanks!
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    Good plants and scape style for a fluval flex 123l?

    The tank is 82x39x40cm. The light is actually pretty good but doesn't have great reach, especially in the back of the tank, it will be low flow and I'm using tropica soil but no co2. For stocking I'm considering: 1 honey gourami, 12-15 schooling fish (haven't decided which), 6 ottos or a...
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    alright i think ive finally decided what i want to stock. Could i do an apistogramma, 12 cardinal tetras, a siamese algae eater and some cory's

    Could i do an apistogramma, 12 cardinal tetras, a siamese algae eater and some cory's in a planted fluval flex 123l or would the bioload/ aggression be too much. If so please suggest how i could change some of the fish to make it more suited while keeping the same backbone. I really want some...
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    Cichlids that could go in a fluval fex 123l (32.5 US gallons)?

    Looking for personable, colourful and plant and fish friendly (if they even exist) cichlids
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    Is a 123l (32.5 gallons) tank fine for a 3rd floor bedroom?

    It's the Fluval flex which is quite long and i plan on getting the official stand so that should help. I'm also in England if that makes a difference
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    What's the best heater for a fluval flex 123l

    My room is usually between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius.
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    Fluval flex 123l stocking

    Just wondering what kind of centerpiece fish could go in it? Angels, gouramis, angels and gouramis e.t.c