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  1. SomethingsFishy24

    Summer has officially arrived!!!

    Picked this little nugget up today, she settled right in and is being a very good pup. Her name is Summer in honor of the gotcha day being the summer solstice. Not the name I wanted, but it seems to suit her. I got out voted by the family.😂
  2. SomethingsFishy24

    The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

    I started the day like any other. Not sure why it decided to hit me hard. I lost one of my favorite fish at the age of 8 years old. A big male geophagus tapajos. Dead, just flat dead. Apparently, my middle child is allergic to walnuts. The boys wanted to eat the Sargentos fast breaks we have...
  3. SomethingsFishy24

    Help! Names!

    My other two rescue dobermans are older, 12y and 8y. We discussed getting a puppy a few months ago but haven't found one we thought would fit as most of our dogs we have owned came in through the clinic for one reason or another. Well, it happened. A puppy in need of a home has found us thanks...
  4. SomethingsFishy24


    At long last, it had to be done. My steadily growing population of shrimp has reached its max capacity. So, 25 were chosen to carry on life in the 55gallon grow-out. The others, their little shrimpy lives have been spread across 9 tanks. Some will find they can set up new settlements...
  5. SomethingsFishy24

    Gender on Angel.

    So, I am not big into Angelfish. I have never had luck with them not being complete jerks. I have a new addition, a 3 year old koi angel who was returned because it was bullied. It has been hanging out in QT for the last couple weeks, fins are healed and the fish looks great. It was added after...
  6. SomethingsFishy24

    Freshwater flounder?

    Took the boys out this morning to drop off BN fry to one of the LFS I frequent. I looked over the tanks and there was a group of weird little fish stuck to the glass. I was told they are freshwater flounder, species was not given, just that they were purchased from a customer and they were...
  7. SomethingsFishy24

    Feeding time woes

    I target feed slow or shy fish, this involves my hand or really long tweezers. It works great. That is until the fast fish catch wind of the game. I usually feed the fast guys first, while they are distracted with food, I target feed the slow/shy fish. Well. Beaker ( my blood parrot) caught...
  8. SomethingsFishy24

    Red tiger lotus, trim or no.

    I am a little behind on my trimming. One of my Tiger Lotus has thrown a few leaves, racing to the surface. Part of me wants to nip them, the other part wants to let it grow. Not sure which way to go, I don't have anything with particularly high light requirements. I think lily pads would be...
  9. SomethingsFishy24

    So many fry, send help!

    To the day, my bristlenose did it again. Like last months batch, this group is a good 100+. Previous female only ever had about 30-40 at a time. I was able to keep multiple batches, sell as they were ready. I am officially out of room in my grow out. Now what? Anyone have any economical...
  10. SomethingsFishy24

    Surprise visitor to the feeders.

    Was not expecting this big guy to be hanging off the suet, thought I would share as I got a few decent pics of the shy fella. Scared the crap out of me before I realized it was a Pileated wood pecker. Have seen them in deep woods before, not my back yard. Don't mind the lawn, it has been raining...
  11. SomethingsFishy24

    Cute little pains in the patella🤣

    Oy, I may have done something bad. Soooo, the 45 gallon tank that I bought to replace a leaky hospital tank...well, it is not that anymore, I lied. It is going to be home to these little buggers. I resiliconed the old tank a week after I bought the new one, pulled a fast one on Hubs and am...
  12. SomethingsFishy24

    Black slate!

    I ordered 15 lbs of slate from Etsy. It was a gamble as I wasn't sure how/if the pieces would work. These are fantastic! Highly recommend checking out Moosehead on etsy for slate. Don't mind my kitchen table.😅
  13. SomethingsFishy24

    True Julii or no?

    With much confusion on what is being sold as Julli cory cats, I need an expert. The image below is what is being sold as a true Julii, would like some confirmation before I shell out cash for these cute little buggers. Thank you!
  14. SomethingsFishy24

    What are these little fish?!?

    So, I bought these guys from an online store, not the typical one I use but another since my "go to" was sold out of Nematobrycon palmeri (emperor tetra). They were itty bitty when they arrived, put them straight into QT and now after a month they are making a jail break to live with the shoal...
  15. SomethingsFishy24

    Seachem Purigen for tannins, questions.

    I found a few pieces of Ghost wood that I want to use. They have been soaking for a week now, one sunk, the other nearly there. Tanins aren't as dark as some drift I use, however this tank is in the livingroom and I want the water clear. Husband is running out of patience as I am taking up part...
  16. SomethingsFishy24

    So excited! BN Fry.

    I used to have a pair of Albino BN, they bred true over and over and over again. The female unfortunately passed after getting her fat self stuck in some stone work about 6 months ago. I bought a pair of Blue eyed Lemons. Both were young and inexperienced, so I put the female with my Albino male...
  17. SomethingsFishy24

    Would this be safe?

    I have looked into this but never found anything definitive as yes or no. Would this glass ornament be safe in a tank. It is solid, the color is in the glass itself and the edges are round. It may be crystal? I know it is stupid but I like it and find humor in this thing. Would like to know...
  18. SomethingsFishy24

    Just showing off

    6 months old and colors are coming in beautifully. Can't wait until this one is fully matured.❤ Show me your favorite/most colorful/most proud of fish you keep. All are welcome!
  19. SomethingsFishy24

    Fish/Pet names and "Pet"names

    I am a Vet tech by vocation. I talk to animals, all kinds of animals all day long during their care and treatment. I have heard some unique names along the way, and have many colorful "pet" names that I use at any given time. I would love to hear some of yours! When talking to an animal, but...
  20. SomethingsFishy24

    Experience with Killifish(Epiplatys annulatus)

    Hello! I am looking for any and all advise, experience, ect with this particular species, or killifish sp. in general. I am toying with the idea of setting up a 20 gallon with these little fish, however I have not kept these little guys before. Advise on how to keep them happy, how many to keep...