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    Angelfish Eggs?

    hi all. so i went on a trip for a few days and came back today to find mysterious eggs on my filter tube. i imagined that they were angelfish eggs, because they are on a vertical surface. my tank contains 4 mollies, 3 swordtails, 3 angels, 4 corydoras (maybe too?), 1 paradise fish, 2...
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    I Feel Awful

    Well, today my sister came home from college and was eager to see my baby Red Eared Sliders, until she looked and only found one. so, assuming it somehow got into the filter, i looked. nope. i cleaned my room: nope. i looked if the cats had him. nope. at this point the is presumed dead and i...
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    What Should I Get?

    Hi all. Don't tell my mom (lol you don't know her anyway), but i want to get her a betta for mothers day. i don't really know what kind i should get, but i like the full tail and in red. i have no experience with bettas, but i hear that they're fairly easy to care for. what would you reccommend?
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    Can Female Convicts Become Males?

    Hello. I've heard that if you keep a bunch of female convicts together with no males, they'll give themselves a sex change operation, but they can't reproduce. Is this true or another stupid theory?
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    Yep... Another Stocking Thread

    hi all. i know i know, another thread asking what to get, so lets just get started. so, i set up a 20 inch tank yesterday, took water, filter, decorations and gravel from my 30g, which has ideal conditions and has been set up for 2 1/2 years. i'm looking to breed some fish, specifically...
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    Serious Problem With Emporer Angel

    Hi all. My father has a 55g tank with a lyretail wrasse, a yellow tang, niger trigger, an emporer angel, a clownfish, a lionfish, and a few harmless inverts. test results are: ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 nitrate 0-2.5 ph 8.2 ok. so my dad bought an emperor angel last week, and it looked great. a few...
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    Wierd Question Alert!

    alright, brace yourselves. can i use urine to start a fishless cycle?
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    Java Moss!?!

    hi all. i had a huge clump of java moss in my tank, so i decided to have it attach onto rocks. and i hae done that. but how long does it take to finally attach so that i can remove the elastic bands? thanks
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    Just Out Of Curiosity....

    Yep, another thread asking about stocking. so, i was wondering, if my 30 gallon had no fish in it, how many common angels i could fit in it. yes, its over 18 inches, its something like 22. thanks.
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    Genetic Ripped Fins

    hi all. i have been seeing a lot of angels recently that don't have straight, square fins and instead have ripped ones. i decided i liked this so i bought one today, but i want to know a few things: (the only other fish in the tank at the LFS was an angel) 1: does this make a fish weaker? 2...
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    This Is The Busiest Day Of My Fishkeeping Career

    today, i saw a few tiny babies trying to hide from my guppies, who had them. so far i have counted 2, but it only happened 15 mins ago. for whatever reason, my ghost shrimp also have eggs on their backs,will they be okay like that or should i remove them? what about when they're born? and on...
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    My Recent Lol's

    here are my most recent uploads to
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    How To Breed Swordtails From Scratch

    Hi all. I wanted to show everyone that wanted a little bit of a challenge how to take a not pregnant swordtail and make it pregnant. This is for people who want to breed their swordtails, the 100% way. So to start off, today i bought a nice looking female from Petco. I do not remember what the...
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    Algae Bloom?!?

    my turtles water has turned very green recently and i am almost 100% sure its an algae bloom, but before i could be that 100% sure, i was wondering if turtles tanks can even get them? its a 20g long, 2 red eared sliders, tetra whisper filter for 20g + (i know i need an upgrade, but i've been...
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    My Future Plan....

    so currently in my 30g, i have 3 giant danios, 2 angels, 1 green tiger barb, 2 panda barbs, a common pleco, a paradise fish, and a pygmy cory. sounds like an overstocked battlefield, right? and i agree, but the fighting hasnt started in this setup and its been like this for months. i have an...
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    Astonn24Vantage's Pico

    everybody else is doing it, so why can't i? heres my idea of a pico. its from an api test tube! Dimensions: idk too small to measure! Volume: somewhere around ~8.5 ml filled, container size 10ish ml Substrate: white gravel Flora: java moss, floating. its hard to see. CO2: depends on when and...
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    A Big-Small Problem

    hi all. i have moderately planted my tank, and there are some snails and ghost shrimp in there, and mollies, to take care of some algae issues. i have algae that looks like hair. great. so now im assuming you're thinking "pleco, algae eater, otos.... what is the problem with this idiot? how can...
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    Guppy Baby Question

    yay! another of the millions of questions about guppies around here. ill try to make mine not boring, however. okay, so on december 19th i became a father-in-law (at the age of 12 :lol: ) and was wondering if the babies of guppies develop any color during their babyhood because i have plain...
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    Can Platies Have Swords?

    oh joy! another trick from petco: about 8 months ago i bought a medium sized mickey mouse platy. In september, stupidly, i bought a blue lobster. the crawdad attacked the platy, and ripped the whole entire back fin off. since, he has recovered, grown, and has also grown a massive sword. he didnt...
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    Hi. I have 3 outside cats, who during the summer usually end up with a few ticks on them. we usually remove them and throw them in the sink, and then put tick repellents on the cats and find out a month later if it actually worked, but i was wondering if i could feed these ticks to my fish...