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  1. J

    Not sure why

    I’m not sure if you can tell my black molly is turning white on the belly?
  2. J

    Unsure what these are help me please

    What is this? How do I remove it from my shrimp tank I have I believe copepods and maybe planarian I have been using some dewormer it’s not working yet.
  3. J

    Black algae Help

    I have black algae what is the best way to get it gone? I have runny nose, peppermint tetra.
  4. J

    White spot

    Can someone tell me what this white spot is on my Corydoras? It’s only on that one.
  5. J

    Any advice!

    I’m not sure what’s going on with the fish we did a water change cleaned the filter yesterday all the freshwater master test kit says the water quality is good. Over night several died these don’t look to good I don’t know why any help would be great.
  6. J


    Shouldn’t she be having her fry soon? It seems like she’s been carrying for a very long time now.
  7. J

    Pregnant Platy

    I’m sure she’s pregnant. I’m not sure about how long she’s been so I’m curious if anyone could tell about how much longer you think she might have?