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  1. JemZ

    How to prepare cuttlebone?

    Was wondering how to prepare cuttlebone for some nerites, some places say to boil it, and others to just throw it in.
  2. JemZ

    Nerites for 10 gallon

    I'm interested in picking up some more nerites, already have two zebras. One is in a 10 gallon by itself (no fish, only bladder snails with it) so I wanted to get some more. Would two more, I was thinking a horned nerite and a red onion, work in this tank? Parameters: pH: 8.2 Ammonia: 0 ppm...
  3. JemZ

    What Mistakes Have You Made While Fishkeeping?

    We've all made mistakes during our time doing fishkeeping, so what are some of yours? And new fishkeepers, read this thread so you can avoid the mistakes named! I will begin, my mum and I thought it was a good idea to clean the fish tank out using tap water and vinegar when I first started. We...
  4. JemZ

    Plant Forum

    Does anyone know of any good Plant/Gardening forums? I recently got into gardening.
  5. JemZ

    Tropical Storm Preparation

    It's that time of year again. I live in Tampa and am in the path of Hurricane Elsa, and of course, my concern is with my fish tanks. I have two, but only one holds a fish. Power loss is likely and thus the loss of water movement is too. Taking water out and pouring it back in is an option but...
  6. JemZ

    Quarantining a Snail

    Does it make sense to quarantine a snail before moving it from a tank without fish to one that has a fish? I plan on exposing it to some of its new tank's water first but should I keep it quarantined for longer to avoid any parasites coming with it?
  7. JemZ

    Flying Snail

    Behold! The greatest magic act the world has ever seen. A bladder snail has ascended reality and learned how to fly. Impossible you say? Then explain this! Only one spectator has come to see the magic act, the nerite snail but she seems more interested in snacking on algae rather than...
  8. JemZ

    Something is wrong with my Nerite's shell

    It's gotten worse and worse over the past couple of days, I'm assuming it's some type of mineral deficiency?
  9. JemZ

    Ammonia won't go down

    I think my fish has ammonia poisoning, he has trouble getting up from the substrate and is very lethargic. When he does get up to swim, he can only do so for short periods and swims in a loopy, erratic motion. The ammonia has been stuck at 0.25 ppm for days now, despite the fact I have done...
  10. JemZ

    How to feed cucumbers

    How do feed cucumbers to your fish/snails? I have seen some places which say just slice the cucumber and feed it and I have seen some that say take off the skin and then blanch it
  11. JemZ

    High pH

    Tested one of my tank's parameters yesterday and the high range pH came back as 8.2 which is far too high. The residents of the tank are a pregnant platy, a nerite snail, and bladder snails. Other parameters: Ammonia: 0.25 ppm (high I know) Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate - 10 ppm I did a 50 - 60%...
  12. JemZ

    Heater Recommendations

    Any recommendations for heaters? I have Aqueon ones which never seem to be on and the water is usually cold. The tanks in question are 10 and 7 gallons respectively. I had a Tetra one before which malfunctioned and almost overheated the water so I am not sure I would like to buy it again...
  13. JemZ

    Sickly Swordtail

    My swordtail has been up in the corner of the tank since yesterday afternoon (at least that's when I noticed it). Very lethargic and remaining in place with his dorsal fin(?) clamped, the complete opposite of his usual bubbly self. He is the only fish in the tank along with a female nerite...
  14. JemZ

    Floating Plants

    Does anyone have recommendations for floating plants? They seem like an easier alternative to plants planted on the ground.
  15. JemZ

    Is my Nerite stuck?

    I'm not sure if he is, it does seem like a precarious position
  16. JemZ

    Drying out Gravel Vacuums

    How do you dry out your gravel vacuums? I have two and after I rinse them with water they are still wet on the inside and I have no clue how to get the moisture out. I usually put them on a towel in the living room next to the window so the sunlight can dry them out but this still does not do a...
  17. JemZ

    Adverse Reaction to Blue Light

    My swordtail acts weird when I change the light from white to blue. Before, he would swim around normally when the light was changed. Now when I change the light, he clamps his fins and tilts to the side as if losing buoyancy. I'll try to get a video of him doing it.
  18. JemZ

    Are these Nerite Snails Eggs?

    My new nerite snail has turned one of the fake plants sideways, and now I see these things at the base. Are they eggs?
  19. JemZ

    New Nerite Snails

    Just picked up some nerite snails from Petco and have got them in a plastic bowl/container. I have them in the water they came in, spring water, and some tank water as well. Would it be okay to put them in after an hour or so? The containers aren't really suitable for keeping them in overnight...
  20. JemZ

    Restarting 10 Gallon

    After 3 years of poor choices for my ten-gallon tank, I am starting from scratch. Currently only have a male swordtail who is a little over a year old, and would like to build around him. I'm looking into adding live plants but am a little nervous since I've never had success with plants. Any...