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  1. dougie

    Hanging silks

    Hi All, my tank is 4ft long & 3ft deep & my live plants are nowhere near tall enough. I’m considering getting some “ivy” or trailing type silk plants to hang down across the top level to encourage fish to go above the 2/3 mark (they all hang in & around the plants). I can only find plastic...
  2. dougie

    Suggestions new set up

    Hi all. Just returned to the hobby (and the forum) after a few years break. I’ve just ordered the tank in the image, 400litre, 4ft x 3ft. Arriving Monday, I’m open to suggestions for stocking as I can’t decide. (If it helps from Birmingham Uk, soft water). Cheers. Dougie.
  3. dougie

    Any Idea What This Is?

    Hi All, as title suggests, two of my cories have the same white thing "growing" out of pretty much the same place. Forgive the rubbish pic, they don't keep still. Will try to get a better one. Any ideas / treatment?   cheers  
  4. dougie


    Hey everyone. Got a 125 litre which has one BN Pleco in it, all on his lonesome. I did have a Blue Acara in there for a few months, picked it up in a right state, but that has turned out well & she has joined the 100 gal tank. So I'm up for suggestions for this tank. Any suggestions...
  5. dougie

    What Are These Worms?

    Hi All,   I noticed a few worm like creatures in my longest running aquarium two days ago. I have been treating the tank for Ich, first outbreak I've ever had in this tank  & I've lost a couple of fish Anyway I was having a good look around & noticed these white-ish worms, they're less than 1mm...
  6. dougie

    Stocking Suggestions 125Ltr

    Hi All, As title says, I've been given a tidy 125 litre Juwel, full set up, with just a single bristlenose living in it. Any suggestions on stocking, obviously looking at dwarf cichlids, but open to any ideas :) Cheers.
  7. dougie

    Water Changes

    Hi All, In a 400+ litre tank, & doing a water change, would doing a 5% water change daily for 6 days a week (30% total) be as beneficial, or more so, than doing 30% in one go - once a week? Cheers in advance. Dougie.
  8. dougie

    Scavenged Wood

    Hi all, I've seen many comments on scavenged wood and the act of stripping off the bark before adding it to tanks. Is there a reason for this other than the fact it'll probably decay quicker than the rest of the wood? I've seen on various forums that some people bang it straight in, ensuring...
  9. dougie

    Grape Vine Root

    Hi all, I've seen a LOAD of grape vine roots & root balls in a place by me. It's being sold for reptile set ups, I wondered if it would be aquarium safe? They look amazing, some of the larger ones have tangled roots, just shy of 1m from one end to the other. A couple in a tank would look...
  10. dougie

    Happy But Stupid

    Really pleased I've picked up a 5 ft 425 litre tank today. Second hand & needs a really good clean. Going to repaint the stand too. I drove for an hour to get it & when i got home I realised that the idot that I am, I'd left the lid at the previous owner :rolleyes: looks like i'm making a new...
  11. dougie

    Wanted: 5ft X 2ft X 2ft Tank

    Hi all, as in the title. After a 5 x 2 x 2 tank. With or without stand, as long as its watertight & in decent condition. Have large estate car so can travel to collect. All distances considered for the right price! Cheers :)
  12. dougie

    Regular Meds

    Hi all. I touched on this subject a while ago & the thread got side tracked a little. With most other pets (dogs, cats etc) we treat them every 4 months or so for worms, get a booster jab every year etc, yet I've never heard anyone say they do the same for fish. For example, perhaps once a...
  13. dougie

    Platy, Moving To Warmer Waters.

    Hi All. My son has a few platies he & my missus bought from P@H. They told him they were suitable for a cold water tank. I had my doubts & went down to the shop & sure enough they were selling them as cold water fish. The tank averages between 18 - 21 degrees c (about 69 deg f), depending on...
  14. dougie

    New Sev

    Hi All, spotted this little Sev taking a bit of a beating from it's tankmates, went back a little later & it got the sympathy vote :rolleyes: It was labelled 'Red Headed Severum' what do you guys think? he/she is only about an inch & a bit long, has a few battle scars, but nothing too bad...
  15. dougie

    Floating Advice

    Hi Everyone, I'm not much of a gardener, aquatic or otherwise & know next to nothing about plants. I have the obvious Java Fern as it suits my 'just chuck it in leave it' approach to plants. I do have liquid ferts, which I add once a month. My question is: can anyone recommend a floating...
  16. dougie

    Shrimp & Medication

    Hi guys, I've got to treat my main tank for internal parasites. I'll have to remove my Amano shrimp as the meds will kill them (it says so on the bottle). I've got a second smaller tank I can put the little guys in, but I'm wondering: how long should I leave it until I can pop the shrimp back...
  17. dougie

    Internal Parasite Treatments

    Hi All, not an emergency (yet), so I've posted here rather than in the emergency section. Can anyone recommend a treatment for internal parasites on the Uk? I've got a suspicion that one of my Cichlids may have some. All perameters unchanged, foods varied etc, weekly 25% water changes. . Loss of...
  18. dougie

    Varied Diet

    Hi All, any suggestions for a healthy, varied diet? I've the world's most fussy cichlids. Live food obviously disappears within seconds, they will eat frozen brine shrimp (with spirulina) and frozen bloodworm. They only get bloodworm once a week & the rest of the week I alternate between the...
  19. dougie

    Erratic Behaviour.

    Hi All, One of my Keyhole Cichlids has been randomly thrashing about just after eating, scraping itself off the odd rock or the substrate. It's been going on for about 9 days to 2 weeks. He doesn't do it every day, probably every 3rd if I had to guess. If I thought perhaps ich was going to...
  20. dougie

    B Acara Or G.t.?

    Hi All, can anyone out there please reassure me that Mr Dennis (pictured) is indeed a Blue Acara & not a Green Terror as my mate has been insisitng all afternoon! Sorry about pic quality, Mr Dennis appears to be a different colour in every pic I take. Oh I perhaps should add he's just short of...