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  1. AmtotheBurr

    Paradise fish staying small?

    I have a male and female paradise fish in a large heavily planted tank. They have had babies once but I didn’t intervene or take them out. One of the surviving fry is now about half of his mom’s size and lives in the tank too. My question is, I’ve had these guys for like a year and they are...
  2. AmtotheBurr


    Hi friends! My stepson has a tank at his mom's house and she let him go pick out some new fish. Here's what he's got going on: Tank size: 46 gal Tank already had the following in it: Yoyo Loach and a rainbow shark. Then he went today and bought the following: a clown knife fish, 2 jack...
  3. AmtotheBurr

    Can Anyone Id This Fish?

    Someone I know caught this off the coast of Florida and is trying to ID. A commenter said it appeared to be an aquarium fish. I was wondering if anyone knew for sure? They were stopped by fish and wildlife who let them keep it because they had no clue what it was either. Thanks!
  4. AmtotheBurr

    Is She Pregnant?

    Is it possible to get a pregnant female betta from a pet store? If so, does she look pregnant? She's getting more and more rotund and the others bought at the same time are not.
  5. AmtotheBurr

    Id This Weird Fish?

    My friend took this photo at a fish shop today and asked me if I knew what it was. Sorry the photo isn't very good. She said it is a vibrant blue fish with that very weird looking nose. I've never seen one around. Does anyone have a clue what it is?
  6. AmtotheBurr

    Lots Of Changes!

    I took the platy group back to the fish store yesterday... Good riddens. I decided to make some changes to my Japan tank too! The black gravel was just too dark, so I took out half of it and added large white rocks. I got another temple ornament and a large root ornament. It looks so much better...
  7. AmtotheBurr

    Platy With Bent Tail And Thin

    So about two months ago, I got a small platy. He has always been extremely small compared to his tank mates. Because of that small size, I never noticed that his tail is bent. He swims and eats fine. Waste looked fine. No spots or scale issues. He is extremely thin and has been like that since I...
  8. AmtotheBurr

    It Is Finished...

    Finally finished a painting I've been working on forever. Around 13 unique colors that had to dry completely before going to the next. But man, is it stunning in person!
  9. AmtotheBurr

    My North Pole In The Deep South

    I love Christmas. Always have. I wanted to post some photos! Everyone jokes my home is like the North Pole. As hot as it is in Florida, there's nothing wrong with a little holiday cheer to make it feel more Christmasy than it really does. :)           Yes, I have two large trees :) I had a few...
  10. AmtotheBurr

    Lfs Massacre

    Ugh! I walked into the fish section of the lfs tonight. Saw a "hiring" sign. I might know why.... A few of the tank situations: -A tank full of figure 8 puffers with mollies -A tank full of spotted puffers with fin tail mollies -dozens of plecos with green terrors! Pleco carcasses floating...
  11. AmtotheBurr

    Switching From Tank To Bowl

    Some of you will disagree (and that's ok) , let me preface my post with that. So I had Hugo in a five gallon tank but have decided to move him into a large bowl. (Large like five gallon bowl large). Hugo is a pretty large betta himself. I moved him over tonight and he's exploring his new place...
  12. AmtotheBurr

    Platy Has Weird White Scale Thing?

    So I noticed a day or so ago that Persia the platy has a weird white thing going on. It looks like his scales are sticking out maybe? Can someone tell me if this is a fungus or what they think it is? It isn't too bad and just a bit on each side and a spot on his back. The other fish have nothing...
  13. AmtotheBurr

    Plants Thriving With No Ferts Or Co2

    I bought a few plants for my tank months ago, and boy, they have taken off. This is a photo of my wonder bulb. While I was in Japan the thing grew a large flower and I thought it was an electric cord in my tank but it was this extremely large stem. I hate to cut it off since it's the flower...
  14. AmtotheBurr

    Rip Nessie :(

    Well. Japan was fun, but leaving your fish to others to care for is not so fun. Nessie went "missing" while I was in Japan and noone told me. The first thing I did was look behind the tank, and there she was. Somehow she had jumped out of a little hole by the filter. If someone would of told me...
  15. AmtotheBurr

    Back From Japan!

    Sorry I went missing for a while! I arrived home today from Japan. Photos to follow tomorrow including my Japanese paparazzi moment when I wore a kimono and they thought I was a model. :) way to go Japan! lol
  16. AmtotheBurr

    Hugo Is Changing Colors

    Slowly his lovely pink is going away! I hope it stops before it covers his whole head :)
  17. AmtotheBurr

    Panda The Platy. Cool Colors

    Meet the newest platy member! This is Panda. He was pretty unique in his markings, almost reminds me of a goldfish. I haven't seen one like him before. He has joined his brothers: Prancer, Poppy, Picasso, Pancake, Persia and Paprika and killifish sister, Nessie.
  18. AmtotheBurr

    Swollen Platy

    Hi :) So I have all male platy but I noticed today about two of them have huge stomachs all of a sudden.... Does anyone know why or if platy can change gender? Photo for reference. Swollen platy on the bottom is Picasso and above him is Poppy for stomach comparison.
  19. AmtotheBurr

    Meet Hugo! He's Gorgeous

    Got this gorgeous betta last night. He was a little white around the gills and I'm not sure that's normal, but hopefully he'll make it. He is a gorgeous pink with white fins and metallic blue and metallic teal spots. He really is so stunning in person, photos don't do him justice.
  20. AmtotheBurr

    Bubbling Paint On Aquarium Ornament

    Helloooo. I purchased a painted tank ornament about two months ago. I've noticed over the last few weeks that the paint seems to be bubbling and it's getting worse. Tank parameters are normal, no spikes. I haven't noticed it changing the water quality any. Is it safe to keep this in the tank...