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  1. clay

    First Ball Python

    I just got my first ball python from petsmart. I have it in a 75 gallon aquarium. I noticed 2 things about it when I got home. #1 petsmart said they have had this snake for 3 months and that it was doing great, in my opinion it looks pretty emaciated. #2 they said that the snake is 4 months old...
  2. clay

    To All You Bass Fisherman

    I am an adament bass fisherman and I often use my favorite bait, the zoom Brush Hog. To any others who use this bait what color do you use and how do you fish it?
  3. clay

    Good Workout And Diet Routine

    I am 18 years old. I am 6'2" and i weigh 235 pounds. I play football( American) and i also wrestle. I run approximately 1 mile a day 5 days a week. What would be a good workout for me to gain muscle mass? Particularly in the traploid, arms and chest area? Also i need to know a good day to day...
  4. clay

    Red River Pupfish

    I am starting a native species tank and here is a wild caught red river pupfish
  5. clay

    Max Number Of Plecs For A 75 Gallon Aquarium?

    I currently have 1 clown pleco in a 75 gallon planted tank. I was wondering what is the max number of small plecos I can have in this tank. I plan to add a bristlenose pair. and maybe another species?
  6. clay

    Those Long Work Days

    I just got off of an 18 hour shift of working wheat trucks for harvest. It was one of those long drawn out world days. Anyone else got some ridiculously long work day stories?
  7. clay

    Which To Get?

    I am trying to decide which to get for my 55 gallon planted tank. A set of metal halide lights or a canister filter such as fluval or something. Please choose one and explain why in a post. :rolleyes:
  8. clay

    Is This A Killifish?

    Earlier today I bought some bait minnows to go fishing and this was in with them also there is what i assume is a female. It is slightly smaller with similar markings but no color. Any clues as to what they are?
  9. clay

    First Try At A Planted Aquarium

    I know I need to slow down at starting new tanks but I have an empty 55 gallon that is just torturing me. I am going to make a planted aquarium out of it. For now it appears that the only thing I need is lights. Got any suggesting for a 48 inch light fixture? Do I need 1 bulb or 4? I am going to...
  10. clay

    75 Gallon Malawi Tank

    I'm going to turn my 75 gallon reef tank into a malawi biotope. I'm converting it due to cost issues. My lfs is an awesome place for cichlids and saltwater they are giving me a great deal. I'm trading in 200 pounds of live rock,7 corals, and all my other livestock in for exchange of 12 cichlids...
  11. clay

    Shutting Down Tank

    I have decided to shut down my 75 gallon reef tank( of which I love dearly) and I am going to switch it back to freshwater. I am doing this because of various electronic problems and cost problems. I know a man at my lfs that will buy the rock ,corals, and livestock for a good price. He will...
  12. clay

    75 Gallon Planted

    I have been in marine aquariums for the last 2 years and now due to cost and repeated electronic problems I am now switching back to fresh water this month I plan to make this tank a planted tank. What are some ideas for plants and fish I already have decided that I want a pair of angels a...
  13. clay

    Help Me Decide Which Coral I Should Get Next

    I am going to go get new coral on monday. I havent decided what I want, so I decided to have a little fun with a poll :lol: . vote or tell me some other names :rolleyes:
  14. clay

    My Absolute Favorite Species Of Fish.

    My favorite fish in the world is the Walleye. It is a common gamefish in the u.s. Here is a picture of a 8 pounder i caught today. What is your favorite fish?
  15. clay

    Another Day At The Lake.

    Today it an awesome day outside. Me and a group of friends decided to go fishing. Heres what we caught. A smallmouth bass My friend with a huge sandbass A stringer full of sandbass and sandbass/striped bass hybrids thats what we caught.
  16. clay

    Any Good Ideas Of How To Get A Stain Out Of A White Blanket.

    I kinda spilled a spit cup( tobacco juice) on a blanket. Any good ideas of how to get the stain out?
  17. clay

    Fishing Equipment

    This is one of my many Crappie( pronounced craw p :lol: ) tackle boxes. It is a simple Bass Pro shops box filled with Bobby Garland scent wiggl'r s and Bobby Garland Baby shad plastic baits. Here are the scent wiggl'rs (glow in the dark) Here are the Baby shad(also glow in the dark) Post...
  18. clay

    A Day On The Lake

    Me and a few friends went out fishing today on a local lake caught these. A large mouth bass A small mouth bass I didnt catch this but i caught one that looked just like it. a long eared sunfish( a member of the cichlid family if im not mistaken) My fishing partner Sky with a channel catfish. A...
  19. clay

    75 Gallon Rebuild.

    Ok for those who do not know. My 75usg reef tank crashed about 2-3 weeks ago. It was due to a water contamination from my lfs. At first it seemed like i was just going to lose all i had put in to the tank(money-wise). But then the owner of the lfs called me and told me how sorry and responsible...
  20. clay

    Lighting Question

    i have a marineland 48inch t5 lighting system with 2 daylight and 2 actinic bulbs. i have a setting that turns on just the daylight, a setting that turns on just the actinics, and a setting that turns on both. what i want to know is should i have both on all day (9-12) hours, or should i just...