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  1. Aquascaper

    Old member - New tanks

    Seeing as we now have 3 marine tanks running I figured it was time to pop back on here and say hello, see what's changed and who's still around from back in the day 20 years experience in the hobby and have seen huge leaps in the technology available and I'm amazed at how easy (and inexpensive)...
  2. Aquascaper

    Old member back with new tanks

    Hi all, Been over 5 years since I was last on here so will be interesting to see if anybody is still here that I know. Have 2 tanks running at the moment with a third being set up (Full marine reef, a Nano reef and a Fish only marine). Now got to learn how to upload photos off my phone, etc...
  3. Aquascaper

    Change Of Heart

    Well, an interesting day that's led to my opinions of two LFS being reversed :) I won't name names (despite this being my intellectual property and the forum owners not being responsible for the content of my posts in any way, legal or otherwise) but we went into the LFS that we've always...
  4. Aquascaper

    Not Fun :/

    Coming home from the pub and having to set up an emergency quarantine tank for two dwarf frogs is not my idea of a fun Friday night :( Two new dwarf frogs floating around alive but upside down!
  5. Aquascaper

    Goldfish & Platys

    Hi, Just a quick one... Anyone see an issue with putting 5 platys in with a comet goldfish as a temporary measure until the goldfish gets rehomed? They would all be in a Juwel Vision 260l so space/filtration/heating is not an issue just compatibility. :)
  6. Aquascaper

    Kids Bikini Bottom Tank

    Hi, My kids have been bugging me to post their tank on here so here goes.... Full tank shot: 'Timmy' the Dwarf Frog hiding in Squidwards house: 'Kenny' the Dwarf Frog hanging out on a plastic plant: 'Kyle' the Dwarf Frog hanging out on the filter: 'Dory' the pregnant Platy: 'Steve'...
  7. Aquascaper

    Best Way To To Possible Ich

    Tank has 5 Platys and 3 DF's, one Platy has some white specks which could be Ich so what's the best way to deal with it if it is? Thanks
  8. Aquascaper

    Goldfish Rescue

    So basically a friend is moving house, never been a very good fishkeeper (cant be bothered doing maintenance, etc.) and had neglected the tank which had 5 Goldfish in but now only has one due to obvious deaths. The remaining Goldfish was swimming in about 3" of unfiltered water (the filter was...
  9. Aquascaper

    Juwel Vision 260 African Clawed Frog Tank

    Thought i'd post a few pictures now the tank is up and running and just waiting for the final aquascaping & inhabitants :) End shot: Left: Middle: Right: FTS: Obviously the small rock on top of the bogwood will be moved once the wood is fully saturated (probably somewhere near the other...
  10. Aquascaper

    Changing Forum View

    Anyone know how to change back from mobile view when using a PC? Usually check the forum on my smartphone in mobile view but when I log on from the PC it's still in mobile view and I can't access my profile, etc. Any ideas?
  11. Aquascaper

    Acrylic/plastic Products In The Uk

    Hi, When looking for acrylic strips for my tank and baffles for my sump I came across who will cut sheets to size for very reasonable prices. Well worth a look if you are in need of anything :)
  12. Aquascaper

    Wife's African Clawed Frog Tank

    Just finished cleaning the tank, washing sand and connecting up the external, now just waiting for the large piece of wood to sink and the silk plants to arrive on Tuesday and she'll be all set the add her froggies :)
  13. Aquascaper

    Pregnant Or Not?

    The wife asked me to post this. One of the kids new Platys looks fatter than the rest, could it be pregnant? Any ideas how far gone if it is?
  14. Aquascaper

    64l Kids Tank

    Hi, As part of the deal with the wife to let me start marines again I've had to get a tank for the kids. It's a 64l Fish X Box model and is fully cycled with play sand substrate, plastic plants and Spongebob ornaments. The kids want two Dwarf Frogs and some fish but seeing as I've never kept...
  15. Aquascaper

    Tank Surround & Stand Revamp

    Just spent 4 hours transforming this: To this: :)
  16. Aquascaper

    Background Colour?

    Currently my Trigon that I'm in the process of converting to a reef is painted 'Duck Egg Blue' but I can't decided whether to change it to Black. I've had both colours before and there's pros and cons to each so would appreciate other opinions. The tank is empty at the moment as i'm doing all...
  17. Aquascaper

    Big Change In Plans

    Got some great news today, the wife has given her consent for me to turn the Juwel Trigon 190 which was going to house cichlids into a reef :) Pros: Already filled with dead LR, got crushed coral substrate, external filter, powerheads and have a 150w MH which can be retro fitted into a new hood...
  18. Aquascaper

    Best Way To Stock Tank

    I'm planning on 16 Pseudotropheus saulosi in my tank but finding it hard to obtain that many in one go. My question it better to put all the suggested fish in at once or could they be added in groups (1m + 3f)? Also, the tank has been cycled to handle 6ppm Ammonia so how would that...
  19. Aquascaper

    Best Place To Buy? (uk)

    Well my tank is finally cycled and it's time to start looking for fish. I've decided on a species only tank with pseudotrophus saulosi - 3 males, 12 females - but I'm struggling to find anywhere near me (Aberdeen) that stocks in those quantities/know what they're stocking. Are there any good...
  20. Aquascaper

    Ebay Seller Recommendation

    Hi, Just wanted to let people know of the fantastic service i've received from Rainbowoik on eBay I bought some spares for my Eheim external, namely a replacement tap adaptor, intake pipe, spraybar and tubing, I got the part number for the adaptor by taking the broken one into my LFS. I...