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  1. kribensis12

    Say It Aint So

    I can't believe I'm writing this. An unknown killer has again killed my fish and I'm getting ready to throw in the towel on my breeding operations. Here is what just happened and at the end of this post, I'll share links to this EXACT same thing occurring to other species of fish in other tanks...
  2. kribensis12

    Cichlid Growth Rates

    After raising several batches of cichlid fry from both Ram Cichlids and Apistogramma (Cockatoos) and now fry from F1 Kribensis, it is very apparent that cockatoo fry grow slow as molasses. My F1 krib fry are a month younger and just as large or larger than 2 month old cockatoo fry. My Ram...
  3. kribensis12

    Killer Tank Strikes Again

    So, I'm starting to think that my fish tank is killing my fish (I know, sounds like I don't know anything and am the culprit) so I wanted to post this here and get input from others. About a year ago, I set up a 10g tank and after cycling it, placed a beautiful, healthy pair of cockatoo...
  4. kribensis12

    Big Momma - My new pleco!

    So I have 7 tanks running at the moment, bristlenose plecos in almost all tanks. A friend gave me two of his due to not having enough room. A small, albino male and then this HUGE female. I’m calling her “big momma”. She’s about 5 -5.5 inches long! Check her out!
  5. kribensis12

    Golden Rams & Cockatoo Apistos - Central Illinois

    Got some Golden Ram fry and Cockatoo Apistogramma for sale. PM for pricing if serious. I am not shipping at the moment due to weather.
  6. kribensis12

    P. Kribensis "Moliwe"

    I'm toying with the idea of writing an article to flesh out the many differences between location variations for Kribensis Cichlids. We'll see. BUT.... I have a pair of wild caught P. Kribensis "Moliwe" coming in this Thursday morning! I ordered them from The Wet Spot which I have heard good...
  7. kribensis12

    Just nonsense

    Just dropping this here: Glass is made of sand. You have an aquarium made of glass. Your fish tank is made of sand and may actually be holding sand. You're welcome.
  8. kribensis12

    IFGA Certified Fancy Guppies

    Hello! I've doing some research on possible taking on a strain of IFGA certified Fancy Guppies and breeding them for sale and maybe one day creating my own line. I've found in the USA at least one IFGA certified breeder that has good reviews but I'm not finding a lot of luck besides that...
  9. kribensis12

    What's next?

    So I've got a little breeding operation going on in my basement - it's small enough that it doesn't require more than 2-3 hours of work per week, but big enough that I am easily turning a profit. Currently I am breeding: Dark Knight / Black Rams Gold Rams Cockatoo Apistogramma I have the...
  10. kribensis12

    Hemichromis Exul - Turkana Jewel Cichlid

    Hello friends, I am considering picking up some Hemichromis Exul to breed and sell. They seem to be very uncommon and very, very beautiful. I cannot find much on this fish - almost all literature that I've seen is related to the traditional Jewel Cichlid and not the variant from Lake Turkana...
  11. kribensis12

    Something's in the water!

    I've got some new parents! Note: Ram Cichlids are typically not great parents. They are notorious egg eaters. Though - if they are able to get them to free swimming stage, they do great! In two separate tanks I have two separate pairs of Gold Rams that have bred in the past week! Attached is...
  12. kribensis12

    Daphnia - Can you avoid the crash?

    Hello friends. I am anticipating setting up a 10g to raise Daphnia in - I intend to use them as live food for all of my fish but especially fry. I have reason some very interesting articles (scientific and not) on what to feed, how often, environment etc.... With that being said, every...
  13. kribensis12

    Guppy ID

    Well, without getting lost in the sand dunes of time -- I used to never keep guppies alive. I'm embarrassed to admit it because I am a pretty experienced fish keeper, but in my younger years I'd try and try to keep guppies alive and they'd last a few months at most. Because of this, I am sorely...
  14. kribensis12

    Puzzling Symptoms

    I have a 15g tall tank with approx. 10 1-1.5 inch Dark Knight Ram Cichlids in it (for growing out, obviously not a permanent home). Important Note: This fish are extremely sensitive to poor water quality and may simply keel over if in unfavorable conditions (I have seen it happen). That being...
  15. kribensis12

    How to ship in the US - Advice

    Hey! So I'm nearing the stage for my first batch of Apistogramma Cacatouides to be ready for shipping and am currently offering to ship Dark Knight Rams and Gold Rams (check out here ) but I've never shipped live animals before. Questions: 1. Where do you source your supplies from? 2. How do...
  16. kribensis12

    Dark Knight & Gold Rams

    Selling some sexually mature Dark Knight and Gold Rams. Helpful info: Dark Knight Rams are not "black rams". You will see many websites, such as this one, selling "Black Rams" and as you can see by the picture -- they are slightly black. Dark Knight Rams are pitch black with yellow/orange fins...
  17. kribensis12

    Cause for concern?

    So, I have a 29g hard water tank (we’re talking very hard). I have a single Bolivian Ram, 5 angels (they are growing out - to be moved soon), 2 female guppies, 5 danios and (previously 5) black mollies. Water Parameters: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 15 (missed a water change this past weekend...
  18. kribensis12


    Well, I have 18 1-inch long Ram Cichlids (12 Dark Knight, 6 Gold) growing out in a 15 g tank (Hence the term grow out - I am aware they will need much more room). Water parameters: pH 7.2 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5 TDS: 150 right before a W/C, 75 after (no kH or gH measurements, I use...
  19. kribensis12

    Use of Tylenol on Fish

    Yes - this post was meant to grab your attention. Now here is the scenario: Many years back (10?), I was at a fish auction and there were two mature gold angelfish sitting in a bag - they looked dead. Breathing slightly, but completely still. I felt terrible for them and bought them for $1...
  20. kribensis12

    Tank Upgrade

    Well, I have been using the same 20g tank for the last 6 or so years. It's a nice size, but gets cramped pretty easy. It's our "community"/ Display tank - and was currently being used to grow out 5 angelfish along with a decent sized shoal of leopard/zebra danios, a few mollies and a singular...