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  1. Chad

    New 5.5 Gallon Tank/Paludarium

    I am putting this under planted because it will have some plants, though not many. It really is going to be more of a paludarium though. It has been a while since I set up a tank, any tank. Mine have been running smoothly for years. That is until last week when one of my tanks sprung leak. I...
  2. Chad

    Special Thanks to Ch4rlie

    I just wanted to announce that Ch4rlie has retired as a moderator. We appreciate all the help he's given and the time he's spent. He's not leaving the forum or anything so we'll still see him around. He's just a busy fellow and needs a break. Thanks again for everything!
  3. Chad

    Forum Software Conversion Happening - Pretty Much Now!

    Hey everybody! The board is going to be getting all new software. We're leaving IP Board and going to a new system called XenForo.    You will still be able to chat and communicate through private messages (they'll have a new name) but we'll be able to present the information in an easier to...
  4. Chad

    I Guess I'll Share One Too! Microscopic World

    This video is part of a series I did but this one is one of my favorites. I took the clownfish food and put it under the microscope. I didn't really know everything I was looking at and made some wrong guesses but that's okay, it's still cool to look at.
  5. Chad

    New Youtube Forum To Show Off In

    For years the forum has restricted the posting of YouTube videos to very particular circumstances. This was done to avoid the site becoming a place for people to just advertise their YouTube channels while not actually joining our community. Over time, especially recently, we have noticed more...
  6. Chad

    The_Lock_Man Retiring As A Moderator

    It is with a touch of sadness that I announce the retirement of the_lock_man from our moderation team. He's been our SPAM killer extraordinaire and always given an honest and unique perspective to our moderation efforts. But, like so many of us he has a real life out side the forum which has...
  7. Chad

    New Sub-Forum

    We've created a new sub-forum in the journal section for what we are calling "field reports".    If you are out in the wild and spot some interesting fish, snails, crabs, corals, etc. You can post your observations and photographs in this new area. Also, if you visit a public aquarium and want...
  8. Chad

    Orange Peels In Discus Tank?

    I ran across this article that I thought I would share with you all. It's about putting orange peels in the tank to improve health and eating habits of sick fish. Read it for your self.    Has anyone heard of this before? It's a new one on me but very interesting.      "Tyler credits...
  9. Chad

    Tapatalk For Mobile

    In order to help make the site more accessible via mobile devices tapatalk has been installed on the server.    Tapatalk is an application to allow access to Internet forums on mobile devices, and is designed to provide improved forum access on phones and tablets.    You can get the app from the...
  10. Chad

    Are Your Fish Drunk?

    This is very interesting to me. While it is about marine fish it does make me think about planted tanks with Co2 pumped into them. Of course with plants consuming the Co2 the fish shouldn't notice but if the balance is off then you could end up with drunk fish!    "CO2 can concentrate in the...
  11. Chad

    Another New Species To Desire!

    I love tetra, pretty much all of, not pretty much...all of them! The idea of a new species excites me. I wonder how long before this beauty makes it into the hobby.
  12. Chad

    Twitter Logins

    Now you can log into the site with your Twitter account just like you can with Facebook! If you are a Facebook or Twitter user this provides a very quick way to get into the site. Of course you can still log in the old fashioned way as well. 
  13. Chad

    Let's Have A Debate On Betta Tank Size.

    Read the article below then post your thoughts. Remember this is the science section so keep it scientific. And as always, treat those who disagree with respect.     ...
  14. Chad

    New Servers

    Just a quick note to let every know that the forum is on new servers. More powerful like the bionic man. Not quite a six million dollar switch but the site is running smoother which is good since traffic to the site is up!   
  15. Chad

    Now You Can "like" A Post And Un Update On Adding Polls

    About "Like" If I configured things correctly you should all now be seeing a new button on posts that allows you to "like" them.  New members can like up to 5 posts a day and regular members can like up to 20 a day. We might adjust these numbers as needed of course.    Poll Update Members can...
  16. Chad

    2015 Iaplc Results: Incredible Aquascapes.

    Wow! There's more at the link below. 
  17. Chad

    Fish Learn Rank Positioning Through Observation

    Though I certainly know that fish are smarter than is commonly thought by non-hobbyists this study demonstrates a cognitive level I had not expected. I think this could lead to new husbandry practices for reducing aggression in tanks. Granted this is one species, but it's likely to apply to...
  18. Chad

    New Danio Species

    For me the danio is a classic fish. It's lines and structure just scream fish to me. This newly discovered species is an excellent example of that.  
  19. Chad

    Scientists Study The Calming Effect Of Watching Fish

    "UK scientists have confirmed the health benefits of fish-watching and discovered that the greater the biodiversity and the more colorful the fish, the greater the health benefits."   We already knew this, but it's nice to have it confirmed by science.   ...
  20. Chad

    New Chatroom Moderator

    We would like to welcome RRaquariums to the moderation team as the newest chatroom moderator.