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  1. Fish4dawin

    I’m back

    Hey there all! I’ve been a member of the forums for almost a year, but the past 6 or 7 months I’ve been super inactive and I must say I lost a bit of interest in fishkeeping. But I’m back now and I’ll be on the forums as much as possible. I do have school from 8:30-3 so I won’t be able to talk...
  2. Fish4dawin

    Rainbowfish lost a few scales I think

    Hi guys not been to active as I've had other stuff going on and not had much time to come here. Anyways, I've just been feeding my 33gallon and I've noticed one of my Males dwarf neon rainbows missing a few scales I believe. Is this from two Males sparring for a female? Also what should I treat...
  3. Fish4dawin

    What bottom feeder should I go with?

    Hello there, my mum recently got a 15 gallon tank that is like a half moon tank. It's like this one, ( just smaller...
  4. Fish4dawin

    Best plants that BN plecos won't eat

    Hi there people of TFF, hope you are all well. I'm trying to go with a planted tank in my 33 gallon, and recently picked up some driftwood and I believe it had anubias or something on it. Whatever plant it was, it has lost half of it's leaves because pf the BN's. What plants can I get that the...
  5. Fish4dawin

    Shrimp emergency!!

    Hi there I have (I believe to be) a blue velvet shrimp. He’s lost his colour and has white spots on his feet. All parameters are normal. This is as good a picture as I can get. Any ideas as to what is happening with him?
  6. Fish4dawin

    Rainbowfish sparring or mating behaviour?

    Hello there people of TFF! I have a 33 gallon tank with 6 dwarf neon rainbowfish and some other fish. GH is 290ppm so their water quality is fine. I've noticed two of my most mature male rainbowfish rubbing against each other and chasing each other around the tank. Is this just them trying to...
  7. Fish4dawin

    35 Litre BiOrb tankmates.

    Hi people of TFF! I have a a 35l BiOrb which has a few danios in at the moment but they will be moved to another tank. After these guys pass, what can I put for this tank? It is very hard to get the dimensions of the tank but my GH is 290ppm. What fish or invertebrates can I add to the tank?
  8. Fish4dawin

    Best food for these community fish?

    Hello there peeps of TFF! Just wanted to ask what you guys think are the best foods for: BN pleco Spotted rahael catfish Corydoras Please say what you think would be best and how to prepare it. Many thanks, Fish4dawin
  9. Fish4dawin

    Dream tank

    Hello there people of TFF, hope your days have been going well. This is a new thread called dream tank and it’s a place where you can post what you would want in your dream tank. This includes what you put in the tank. I’ll start off. 100 gallon community consisting of: 20 rummynose tetras...
  10. Fish4dawin

    Emergency guppy problem

    So I've just got back from my walk and came upstairs to check on one of the tanks and I found a dead lyre tail guppy and also a flame guppy who is sat on the bottom and has a big stomach. The parameters are all normal and I have flushed the dead guppy. I'm planning on doing a water change now...
  11. Fish4dawin

    Rummynose Tetra, tank size, water parameters

    Hello there people of the TFF. I have a 33 gallon (81cm x 36cm x50cm) tank and my plan is once all my other fish pass, I have a tank with a big shoal of RT and maybe some cory cats along the bottom. I just wanted to ask, is this tank big enough for RT? And what water parameters do the rummynose...
  12. Fish4dawin

    Why I like photography

    So I've recently gotten into photography and a few months ago I went to Knole Park in Sevenoaks. Some people in the UK might know where this is but I got some super cool photos and I'm going to share them on this thread. If anyone else has any nice pictures that they have please post it on this...
  13. Fish4dawin

    Blue Acara tankmates, water tempermants and tank size.

    So I was reading through a book of fish that I have and I picked up on the blue acara. I like the fish and it would be cool to possibly get some fry. My tank size is 80cm by 36 by 50 equalling 33 gallons. Water parameters are pH 7.2-7.4 and GH is 290ppm. I read in the book that acaras like...
  14. Fish4dawin

    Biorb substrate?

    So in our kitchen we have a 30 litre or 7ish gallon tank, and I just wanted to ask if I could have sand in the biorb. I already asked my mum about this a few times but I just wanted to ask on here as well. The substrate in there right now is some quiet big kind of like rocks. Is that what you...
  15. Fish4dawin

    I would like discus but is this tank too small for them?

    Hi everyone, I have a 39 gallon tank, that I recently got. My water parameters are 7.3 pH and GH is 290. I was wondering if discus would be able to work in this sixe tank. The dimensions of the tank are 81 cm x 36cm x 50cm. Yes my water is very hard but with RO water would I be able to keep...
  16. Fish4dawin

    How is everyone's tanks going?

    Hiya guys, how have your tanks been going. I hope that you've had no issues with your tanks. Mine are doing fine, and all fish are showing no signs of illness. What fish have you got in your tank/tanks? Share here!
  17. Fish4dawin

    Lemon tetra pregnant or have illness?

    Hi guys, just got home and I’ve notice one of my lemon tetras is very round. I’m not sure if it’s pregnant or if it has an illness. Here is a picture Any help would be greatly appreciated
  18. Fish4dawin

    How to rank up?

    Hi guys how do I rank up in the profile? I’ve seen people who are Fishaholic Fish Maniac etc. How do I get there? Is it through the amount of messages I havr
  19. Fish4dawin

    Are these fish ok for my tank

    Hi guys, I’ve gotten back into fish keeping and was looking for forums like this one so that I could get advice on my new 40 gallon tank. The tank is cycled and at the moment I have 6 black neons, 4 lemon tetras a ruby shark, 4 panda corys and 2 dwarf neon rainbows. Would this stocking of new...