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    Mommy with her precious

    I made a comment in the tank of the month thread that mommy was guarding her precious - and here they are - she parades them around the tank each day allowing the kids to feed - excellent mother:
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    Treating ill clown loaches

    My clown loaches have picked up ick and are not doing well. The tank is nearly 4 years old. The only thing added in the past 6 months was a group of cherry barbs (on May 7 so nearly a month ago). They are laying on their side. Last night i added one does at around 70% (7 capful) of kordon ick...
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    Why are some species bold and other skittish ?

    So about 4 months ago I picked up a group of eques on the advice of someone else because they would not be skittish and this is indeed the case - they show no fear and never run and hide when I approach them (they were wild caught). However in all my tanks sterbai and orange laser (aeneus) are...
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    My new pet

    The mr. and the misses
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    Has anyone kept and bred Cichlasoma amazonarum - if so any feedback ?

    Has anyone kept Cichlasoma amazonarum ? Do they do fine in white water or require blackwater? Also any comment in general in a community tank and if so what species would you mix them with (passive environment not bully environment) ?
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    Nitrate impact on fishes ?

    I believe someone - maybe @Colin_T or @Byron indicate that nitrate levels above 20 had negative impact on cichlid - is there a reference to a paper with this information ?
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    Who is mauling my angelfish or is it a disease ?

    My angelfish over the last 3 or 4 months have been injured. It started as one of two spots and has grown. My impression is that it might be a bn pleco sucking on the angel but could it be a disease or another fish? The other fishes candidates would be clown loach, yoyo loach, female kribs (there...
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    Are there any wide body tetra that are active school like rummies?

    Most of the wide body tetras i've owned like serpae, white fin rosy, ... are similar to cardinals in that they mostly sit still all day and look pretty. Are there any that are active schoolers like rummies and are comfortable in 82-84 temp range ?
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    Request for feedback on proposed stocking

    Still planning this aquarium - the size is 8x4x21 (8 ft long 4 ft wide 21 inches high): planed tds is around 40 (kh 1 gh 2) and target temp is 82 (80-82 during winter 82-83 during summer); 1.5 gph drip system for water changes. 2 apistogramma lineata or pebas if lineata cannot be found 4...
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    ill cory not sure what to do ?

    I have this 'ill' sterbai cory that I'm not sure how (or if) I should treat. I had a second one like it (actually 4 out of 25) that I tried to treat with various fungus medicines but none of them helped and eventually it died. This cory has been in this shape for at least 8 months. I moved it...
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    My two ugly 29s

    So I recently posted one of my 29s in a contest here and it received exactly 0 votes (tanks with plastic plants received more votes) so it must be pretty awful. I thought I would post both 29s and see what simple aquascaping they need so next contest it can get 1 vote instead of 0 (the white one...
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    Skinny clown loach

    I purchased two small clown loaches from wetspot approx 6 weeks ago. One of them is doing fine and has put on a lot of weight but the other has gotten skinner and his side spines are beginning to show. I'm not convince he is eating a lot as I've watched him when i feed the fishes. Question is...
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    My very messy tank needs something but what does it need ?

    This is my very messy 40B tank. It needs some tender love and care but I'm not sure what I should do to it? It just looks messy.... What do you suggest i do to move it to an ugly duckling to a nice tank ?
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    Is this fry an oto or pleco?

    I found this fry in my tank today - approx 3/4 inch long so not exactly new-born. I figure it is either a lemon blue eye bn or oto - though i suppose it could be some weird mutated guppy....
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    Will this stocking work for a 450 gallon tank ?

    I'm thinking of a 450 gallon tank - 10 ft long 3 ft wide and 2 ft high. The tank will have fairly dense plants in the back and some plants in the front. -- 4 mesonauta festivus 16 angelfish 2 chocolate cichlid 30 lemon tetra 30 white fin rosy tetra 20 pangio meyers 10 clown loaches 10 zebra...
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    Looking for fish Hexamita meds ? (alternative to api general cure)

    I'm looking for fish medicine to treat Hexamita parasite. My understanding from a bit of searching is api general cure was the goto med for this but it is not available so is there an alternative ?
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    Amusing salt water fish: coelacanths

    Read this article - these fishes are preg. for 5+ years ! - - sadly they are a bit rare so you can't run out and get one (i think - maybe someone is breeding them for hobbists ;) )
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    evolution of a 40b

    My 40b is just over 1 year old. I thought i would show these four pictures of transition - as to which is a better look well there is no better just different: May 20 2020: Dec 2020 (co2 was added at the start of dec; the lace plant turned out to be a large variety so it was pulled and put...
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    Are plants in an angel tank bad ?

    So this post is in response to a post by @Byron video showing tank with a more natural habitat for angels (basically roots and sandy bottom): So my question is does having plants with domestic angels which is very much an unnatural environment a 'bad' thing ? Ignore the substrate as that will...
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    Sanity check for new tank

    This is a new tank i am still planning (approx 13 months out). It will be 8 feet long 4 feet wide and 21 inches high. The target temp will be 81 during winter and 83 during summer. Substrate will be something like caribsea crystal river or torpedo beach at around 3 inches. The plant will be...