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  1. ember04

    betta mahachaiensis

    Hello So if anyone has seen my last threads, I've had a problem with stocking my tank due to my hard water. I could not find a fish I liked that I could keep. Then I found Betta Mahachaiensis which naturally come from freshwater but also brackish water so like harder water compared to the rest...
  2. ember04

    Rice fish

    Hey all so, over the last few months, I have been, creating a nano aquarium. It's a 7-gallon tank/26-litre tank. It measures 40 cm long, 26 cm is deep and 25 cm tall. my ph is 6.5-7.2 though it can change if i add driftwood or tannis but on average its around that my KH is 220 my GH is 259 ppm...
  3. ember04

    How to keep soft water fish in a hard water area.

    Hi there I was wondering if there are ways of keeping soft water fish in hard water areas. my waters parameters are: my pH is 6.2-7.0 depending on tank set-up my GH is 120 my KH is 220 as you can see my water is quite hard and I've heard that GH doesn't change much in a tank I wanted to get...
  4. ember04

    Wild Betta for my tank

    Hi all I’ve got a 7.5 gallon 26 litre tank. It is run on a modified canister filter with a baffle for low flow. The tank is black water and is heavily planted. As far as stocking after keep domesticated Betta for a while the wild Betta species are really interesting to me. I also want to keep a...
  5. ember04

    Discussion- Bettas good or bad????

    I've done threads like this before where I want to start a discussion about controversial fish in the hobby. I wanted to discuss Bettas today probably the most controversial. so what does everyone think of the selective breeding of bettas for colours and big tails or fins? I personally think...
  6. ember04

    pea puffer tank

    What does everyone think about a single pea puffer in a 7 gallon planted tank? do you think it would work? thanks
  7. ember04

    Tank mates for Black ghost knife fish

    I'm curious, I'm planning to create a tank around a black ghost knife fish and I was wondering what is a safe tank mate for them, I'm a big fan of oddball fish so any other oddballs that would work would be really appreciated. maybe a Senegal bichir, maybe an African butterflyfish or some type...
  8. ember04

    Pond stocking

    Ok so I have built a 155 gallon or 587 liters raised pond, this pond has an marginal plant shelf and and a lot of in water pond plants which are growing crazerly filling up almost all of the pond at least 75 %. I have stock this with 5 commet goldfish I was wondering if this if ok. Its really...
  9. ember04

    Pond cycling results early

    Hi all its been a while since I was last on this forum but I have a question: so I have set up a 155 gallon or about 550 litres raised pond. it is planted with various reeds, water weeds and pong lilies. it has been cycled for about 3 weeks now. I just went out to test the water and the...
  10. ember04

    Pond heater

    anyone know a good raised pond heaters for a 150-gallon pond could I just uses a regular fish tank heater ember04
  11. ember04

    Common or comet goldfish in pond, how many?

    Hi there as you may of see from a few other threads of mine, I am starting a 140 gallon 525-litre pond with the dimensions of 150 wide, 70 deep and 50 heigh (cm) this pond will be insulated and heated over winter I am going to get a few common or commit goldfish (not together) my question is how...
  12. ember04

    Fancy gold fish good or not

    Hi there so I was going to make a 120-gallon pond in my garden I was going to keep only 4 fancy goldfish as I like to understock my tanks be honest with me are fancy goldfish unethical I see this everywhere and I don't know what to do these are the only options as I don't have spaces for...
  13. ember04

    Goldfish tank size

    Here we go I know how debated this is but I have a 70-gallon tank with a good filter and I was wondering if 4 fancy goldfish could live a full happy life in it the dimensioned are 43 h 60 w 100 l in cm what are your options
  14. ember04

    Pond heaters

    Can anyone recommend a good heater for a patio pond? I have a 68-gallon pond and need a heater that can go outside and keep the water at about 15 degrees celsius all year round ember04
  15. ember04

    patio pond stocking

    Hi everyone any pond people here I am setting up a 68-gallon patio pond, I was wondering what people think I should stock it with. I live in a cold climate and in winter it can get down to 0 degrees celsius. I am going to add a pond heater and a pond filter. I will also add some pond plants...
  16. ember04

    Shrimp in a bowl

    I have an old 10-gallon bowl from my parent (they used to keep goldfish in it :no:) but it has laid empty for ages, I am not one to waste things and was wondering if I should set it up as a shrimp bowl. I have a low pH, so I was thinking about setting it up as well planted crystal shrimp tank...
  17. ember04

    Nano Old ball fish

    I have always been attracted to the more unusual fish in the hobby, I can only have nano tank due to the size of my house but would still love an old ball fish tank. I have a spare 16-gallon aquarium and through it would be the perfect old ball tank. i like lots of old ball fish but the more...
  18. ember04

    16 gallon or 62 stocking ideas

    Hi there I have an old 16-gallon tank (it is 62 litres), I have had the tank for years now and used to keep many different fish species in it, but for the last year and a half, it has been sitting empty in my loft. I have now considered filling it back up and resetting it up. I have kept many...
  19. ember04

    biggest mistakes you have ever made in fish keeping

    Hi there I have created this thread so people can discuss their biggest mistakes with others mine is getting a fish tank to young (got my first tank when I was 4) and having no idea what I was doing, along the road I have put angles in a 10-gallon common plecos in a 15 all overstocked my tank...
  20. ember04

    azalea root aqauascape

    Hi everyone I recently completed an aquascape where the hardscape was azalea root. I joined a few pieces into a large interesting shape, as I was filling up the tank I realised that I had made a rooky mistake by not boiling the wood first, what an idiot. it was ok because I managed to get the...