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    Dog pee lawn burn 🔥

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  2. Brendanpat

    Fish id ?

    Hi .could I get I'd confirmation of this pleco please ?
  3. Brendanpat

    Water changes ...

    Hi all .back again..😁. Just looking for some advice on how people do water changes. I've got a 29 gallon. I change 45-50 %weekly . I use 2 buckets and a gravel vac siphon to suck water out . Then I fill the buckets from the tap to match temperature and treat the bucket with api tap safe .let...
  4. Brendanpat

    Bolivian ram

    Hi all. I have my mind set on adding a Bolivian ram to my 29 gallon community tank . I have peppered cories, neon tetras and guppies . Google says the Bolivian rams are peaceful fish . Is this right ?and is one ok , as my stock is close to full I think ?
  5. Brendanpat

    New plants :)

    2 new java ferns on coconut caves arrived today . I think they look pretty awesome! 😁 .really happy with them , an my fish will love the 2 new hiding caves I'm sure
  6. Brendanpat

    Dying plants ..

    Hi all .I have a 29 gallon planted tank . Sand substrate. My plants are all suddenly dying off again .this is the second time in about a year . I have vallisneria and a few other plants that were all growing well for a few months, now have all died away down . I've added more root tabs a couple...
  7. Brendanpat

    Low maintenance...

    Didnt even know if it was possible, but it's now been about 2 months since I've had any sort of algae growth in my tank after a long battle ...? . One water change a week ,rinse my filter and tidy up plants that's it .dont even have to remove ornaments to clean them . Read somewhere that glass...
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    Ladies and Gents ...

    Hi. I'm still having trouble sexing my guppy fry . Theres 3 different ones in these pictures . Is the 2 with colour male ?and the plain one female ?
  9. Brendanpat

    Slow down guppy mammy !!

    Shes at it again ! Every 20 -21 days . Another 50plus fry today ..:fish::fish::fish::fish::fish::fish::hyper:
  10. Brendanpat

    Cruel or not ??

    Hi all .Just wondering what people think about leaving guppy fry to fend for themselves in a community tank . I have my third batch on the way . Ive been collecting them and keeping them in a breeder net until they are big enough to not be somebody's lunch !
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    Under cover

    Hi . This is the top of my tank . How much of the surface should be covered with floating plants ? Any advice welcome please
  12. Brendanpat


    These appeared over night . Can someone tell me what they are please ?
  13. Brendanpat

    Who wants a fry !?

    :D 24 on the left 40+ on the right !
  14. Brendanpat

    Excited ??

    Just spotted these in my corie eggs !Are these eggs actually fertilised an is that baby cories I see !???
  15. Brendanpat

    Spaghetti junction...

    Hi all. Any electrician fish keepers on here ?or what does everyone do for plug sockets . I keep having to add more and more adapters and multi adapters to my electric supply . Is it safe enough having everything running off the one wall socket ?
  16. Brendanpat


    Hi . My tank is 105litre (28 gallon) it came with a 16watt led light . My plants aren't really growing to well . (Algae thrives if I let it)Is 16 watt enough light ? I have it set on a timer for 7.5 hours a day
  17. Brendanpat

    Things in sand ..

    Anyone know what these things are in my sand . Very small . Cory eggs maybe ?
  18. Brendanpat

    Test results...

    High just got my new master test kit ,was using the strips until now . Can anyone advise on the results please ?
  19. Brendanpat

    Help new babies !t

    just spotted these new fry in my tank . No idea what they are or what to do to try an keep them alive ! I've got corydoras, neon tetras and 2 guppies and one swordtail in the tank . The swordtail seems to be eating them ! Help please ??
  20. Brendanpat

    Help fish all dying ..

    Had 1 neon tetra dead when I came home and 2 cories acting strange . Found a new neon tetra dead on Wednesday. It was stuck to my filter and had started to go black . Had just done a small water change before I found it .so I tested my water and it read 0 0 on nitrates . So done a 50 percent...