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    Canister filter setup questions.

    So I have been running my first 75g tank for 6+ months now. I ended up getting the much larger aquael 2000. I had an issue with the stock intake filter eating a couple neon tetras. I quickly picked up a eheim pre-filter which solved that problem. I have noticed in my past few cleanings that my...
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    My cycling fun

    So today makes 28 days of my adventure into trying to get my tank cycled. I had already started down the fish I'm cycling before I learned about fishless. At first I struggled to get any ammonia to read in my tank so I ended up get a few more fish as needed. As of now I have 7 glofish tetras...
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    Question and my journey from a new comer

    Let me start with my journey so far which hopefully isn't going to be too long of a read. I recently was given a tank setup (though I didn't want one lol) that my family decided me to move forward with. It is a 75g tank with stand and came with a ecco comfort 3, a busted air pump, and a Hyder...