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  1. cupofjoel

    Ideas on Fish Home

    Hey ya'll. I am moving and cannot house or set up a tank that will be good for my current fish. Any ideas on what you all do if you need to give away or find another home for your fish? I know I could give them to my LFS, but wondering what other options are there. I'm in the Washington State...
  2. cupofjoel

    75 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    Hey friends. I'm looking to restart my 75-gallon tank with a few criteria for fish stocking options: -Fish should be hardy -Peaceful/community -Don't nip fins -Don't jump out of tanks (I not have a cover nor want one) Thanks, everyone!
  3. cupofjoel

    Betta Dying

    I have a female betta that I think is close to dying. I tried taking a picture of her, but she's hiding at the bottom of my tank near the corner. I did see her swimming a bit and caught a glimpse of her abdomen area which is quite large and protruding. She'll eat, but I'm fasting her to see if...
  4. cupofjoel

    Anacharis vs. Traditional?

    Okay, so in my 75 gallon tank, I have 90% of my surface covered in Salvinia natans, a traditional type of floating plant. The issue is that I have to constantly flip over the leaves that are underwater after a water change or after maintenance is done on my other plants. This has really become...
  5. cupofjoel

    Advice on Floating Plants

    The floating plants in my big tank are doing fine. The floating plants in my small 5 gallon tank are not, at least they don't look good. The roots are all turning into brown mush and stringy. That doesn't seem normal. I know they are getting enough light and nutrients since they are only one...
  6. cupofjoel

    Water Changes in this heat!

    Anyone having issues with water changes due to the heatwave? My tap is running around 80+ degrees when my tank is at 76. I do a 50-70% water change weekly and it'll raise my tank temp to around 78-79. Will this stress out the fish? I don't know how else to match the water temp to my tank since...
  7. cupofjoel

    New Factor on my Congo Tetras?

    My congo tetras used to school like crazy. Now they don't. I just recently added 3 electric blue acaras. Now my tetras are scattered, explore the bottom of the tank more frequently and single tetras will go off on their own. 1) Are my congo tetras more comfortable now that the tank has been...
  8. cupofjoel

    Am I Overfeeding?

    So I have 12 congo tetras around 1 inch in size. I put in food, the amount I think is enough for them and they demolish it all in 5 seconds! I have seen people recommend to feed whatever fish can finish in a minute...that would be way too much if I kept giving them food for a minute! So, how...
  9. cupofjoel

    Will He Get Food?

    Okay, I love my congo tetras. Best fish I've ever owned by far. One observation I made about my little school is that they are extremely aggressive eaters. They leave nothing behind to fall to the bottom or get swept away. My concern right now is that I'm almost ready to introduce a single...
  10. cupofjoel

    Tank Setup Feedback

    I'm trying to set up a new nano-tank that has no filter. Here is my plan and please let me know since I've never done this before: -Tank capacity (7 gallons) -One male Betta -around 5 pots worth of Anubias Nana Petite -the surface covered in floating plants Would this be enough to keep the...
  11. cupofjoel

    Shrimp Stocking Question

    So I need a clean-up crew of shrimp. I have a 75g tank and was wondering how many I would need for that volume. Ideas? Thanks.
  12. cupofjoel

    Floating Plants and Surface Scum

    So after hearing about the crazy benefits of floating plants they are now covering over 60% of my tank's surface. This has caused a slight issue with my surface skimmer that cannot clean the scum off anymore since the plants now block it from the scum. Does anyone have any ideas for a solution...
  13. cupofjoel

    Brown Roots on Floating Plants

    I'm sort of new to floating plants. As I'm growing my plants to cover the surface of my tank I noticed that several have really dark brown and fuzzy roots while others are thin and clean looking. I'm assuming a couple of things: 1-These are the plants that are absorbing more things from the...
  14. cupofjoel

    Electric Blue Acara Question

    I currently have 3 EBAs in a grow out tank. One is around 30-40% larger than the other two and keeps chasing the smaller EBAs around the tank. Could I possibly have one male and two females? The two smaller ones get along just fine. Also, if I need to get my larger EBA out and place him in my...
  15. cupofjoel

    Normal Tetra Behavior?

    I recently got a school of congo tetras and they are constantly swimming against the current near my outlet bar. Won't they get tired? LOL
  16. cupofjoel

    Floating Plant Con

    Okay, so I jumped on board about floating plants and the benefits they add to the tank. My 5 gallon betta tank is now completely covered with floating plants and I've noticed one issue...surface bio-film. Do I need to take out the floating plants and clean the surface scum off or can I leave it...
  17. cupofjoel

    Electric Blue Acara Question

    I recently bought 4 electric blue acaras on Aquabid. The breeder/seller told me to place them in the smallest tank I have. He said if I placed them in my 75 gallon tank I will lose them, meaning they will die. Is this true? Why would fish die in a large tank? I'm assuming that even if they are...
  18. cupofjoel

    Have I been misinformed about filters?

    After being a member on this forum for several months I have learned so much. But before becoming a member I was taught to have as much bio-media in my canister filters as it can hold. Currently I have a biomaster 600 which allows me to have around 1-2 pounds of seachem matrix with two trays...
  19. cupofjoel

    Blue Spectrum Question

    I have a 48 inch fluval plant 3.0 led light. I have the blue spectrum at around 5% and so far my java ferns, anubias, and tiger lily are doing well. My question is, should I raise the blue spectrum higher? I know it's part of the spectrum that plants need, but I'm afraid of algae growth taking...
  20. cupofjoel

    Water Wisteria Question

    I've been told that Water Wisteria is a heavy root feeder. I can either give it a root tab and plant it or float it. My question is, will it still thrive floating without it's roots in the substrate? Thoughts?