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  1. JemZ

    How to prepare cuttlebone?

    I could see how that might work but I don't know that it's true. I'm giving it for the nerite to supplement their shell health, the water is already rather hard (I know that reduces the need for the cuttlebone but it doesn't hurt to give it so might as well)
  2. JemZ

    How to prepare cuttlebone?

  3. JemZ

    How to prepare cuttlebone?

    Was wondering how to prepare cuttlebone for some nerites, some places say to boil it, and others to just throw it in.
  4. JemZ

    Belize platy...

  5. JemZ

    Welcome to the greatest nation on Earth, the monke nation! We commend you for rejecting humanity...

    Welcome to the greatest nation on Earth, the monke nation! We commend you for rejecting humanity and returning to monke 🐒
  6. JemZ

    A bit morbid

    I prefer not to speak, I will just say you do you my friend :)
  7. JemZ

    Sunny - my Beardie - is having life saving surgery

    So glad to hear it, I can tell he means a lot to you 😄
  8. JemZ

    Is it beneficial to skip daily feedings?

    I skip one or two days a week, the second day feeding my platy a pea before fasting her the next day; It seems to help her to poop (I do especially if I had overfed the day before and want to lessen her bloating.) Always make sure to change up what you feed. I rotate between bug bites, bits of...
  9. JemZ

    Hungry livebearers...

    Great video EK! By the way, is the food shown in the video?:
  10. JemZ

    Nerite snail advice

    Incredible! I read most live for only 2 years at most
  11. JemZ

    Is my cave tetra pregnant

    General Cure: Pretty easy to find in the U.S., you can find it...
  12. JemZ

    Nerites for 10 gallon

    Alright I will head to the shops today and work on live plants over the weekend 🙂 Thanks for the help everyone :good:
  13. JemZ

    Nerites for 10 gallon

    Can the snails hitchhike on floating plants (such as water sprite)? Would be more inclined to get them rather than plants for on the ground.
  14. JemZ

    Nerites for 10 gallon

    I've wanted to get some live plants for a while but my mother will be very angry if I somehow introduce MTS, she has a snail phobia caused by her irrational hatred for pond snails. The only reason she is letting me get some nerites is that I promised to carefully examine the new snails just to...
  15. JemZ

    Nerites for 10 gallon

    White light is on 8:30 - 8 Blue light is on 8:30 to 10 I know just the spot, a windowsill on the bedroom opposite mine :) Planning on supplementing regularly with cucumber and algae wafers, I still am looking for some cuttlebone.
  16. JemZ

    Nerites for 10 gallon

    Alright everyone I will keep all of this in mind, and probably start with one additional snail and see how it goes :) Also will add some live plants to encourage algae growth!
  17. JemZ

    Nerites for 10 gallon

    I'm interested in picking up some more nerites, already have two zebras. One is in a 10 gallon by itself (no fish, only bladder snails with it) so I wanted to get some more. Would two more, I was thinking a horned nerite and a red onion, work in this tank? Parameters: pH: 8.2 Ammonia: 0 ppm...
  18. JemZ

    Injury on the back of my sword tail help please

    I was referring to the OP having 6 swordtails and 3 Molly's in one 20 gal. Would you say this is a reasonable amount of these fish in a tank of such size, having worked closely with swordtails yourself?
  19. JemZ

    Corydoras wont stop dying