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  1. Mr Miagi

    Nature Aquarium World Books, Worth It?

    Hey TFF, long time no post! Things are looking amazing here, and the people seem ALOT friendlier. Considering the last time I was active was 2008, lots of fresh faces, along with old ones (Steelhealr is still going.... :hyper: ) I have been contemplating a move to a couple of very large tanks...
  2. Mr Miagi

    Irb Rugby 7's Adelaide

    Fiji turned out a ripper last match to come in Cup winners here in Adelaide yesterday, but the whole tournament was awesome. Japan and Kenya being crowed favorites. The best moment and loudest cheer would had to be when Kenya beat England 17 - 12. What an awesome atmosphere! :lol: Adelaide...
  3. Mr Miagi

    Taken For Ski

    These were all just packed into one corner of a sale tank. Ive seen better colours, but thought id tease anyway! :good: Im guessing over 30 individuals (more to the right and in other tanks). :good:
  4. Mr Miagi

    Acclimation Of Your Marine Critters

    Acclimating Marine Critters Everyone loves bringing home a new specimen, however excitement can soon turn to disappointment if you do not fully acclimatize your species to the water in your tank. All individual tank parameters vary in one form or another, well beyond merely temperature and pH...
  5. Mr Miagi

    Torture And The Aftermath

    The Victim is chosen.... The tools of torture are prepared....and used.... The splatter! :lol: This of course DOESNT happen when your sensible and use an appropriately sized sharp blade! :fun: Anyone would think I swallowed a lethal dose of Zoa Juice with this photo! :whistle...
  6. Mr Miagi

    Fragging Mushrooms

    Fragging Actinodiscus sp. or Mushroom Corals Mushrooms are one of the easiest beginner corals, tolerating low light levels and varied water conditions, a truly bullet proof coral. To top it off, Morphs or Mushrooms can have truly awesome colour variants and can grow rapidly. Manual propagation...
  7. Mr Miagi

    Bristle Worm Brutality, Who Started It?

    :shifty: Started a new thread for you Lucyq, if you wish to discuss your issue with these bristle worms again! Original post: Later: My reply with some Q's:
  8. Mr Miagi

    Clubs Groups And Societies

    Hi William, Members and Fellow Mods. I want to put an idea out there. Certain user groups are allowed access to some specific forums, hidden from view to others, or read only etc. Take for example the Newsletter Group. I dont know if they do, but they might have a specific forum in which to...
  9. Mr Miagi

    Cooling Off....

  10. Mr Miagi

    Cricket Sledges/jokes

    This is just for a bit of a laugh, keep things in fun and light hearted, and nothing will go wrong! I can sense this is a bad idea already :shifty: This doesnt have to be all about the English, so get typing guys, I wanna hear some good ones! :hey: Q. What does Geraint Jones and Michael...
  11. Mr Miagi

    Previous "topic Of The Week" Discussions

    Marine and Reef Chit Chat past Topics of the Week For those who are familiar with the topics of the week, here are previous discussions! For those new to the concept, these are the links to discussions on various topics to do with Marine and Reef keeping. Any gaps missing were weeks where no...
  12. Mr Miagi

    "the Buddha"

    Here is my "overweight" companion, who doesnt have a name. Atleast I know he wont get teased because of his extra waist line, he is on his own. :blush: Maybe his name should be Buddha? :fun: Any suggestions?
  13. Mr Miagi

    Rugby League Tri-nations

    Did anyone watch the first game between the Aussies and NZ? Im not a League fan, but I enjoyed the game the Aussies played. I didnt think much of the New Zealand defence, sooo many missed tackles and a total lack of structure. Hopefully they come back in the next game so we can watch some good...
  14. Mr Miagi

    Mushroom Madness!

    I cruise the shops just to try and find new morphs! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. Mr Miagi

    Freshwater Planted To Fowlr Marine!

    It has begun! Here are the pics of the process. What I had created before (I sold the fish for store credit, you will be sorely missed guys/gurls :-( ): I started filling with RO from my new 4 stage RO/DI Unit from PSI, thanks Peter! :good: Here is the finished product of three days...
  16. Mr Miagi

    An Answer To Oversized Sigs? Could It Be?

    You will need to be a member of InvisionFreeSkinZone to view this mod. I didnt create this mod. It is a Nitrogenix creation. Replace User Signature if its Oversized This mod basically replaces any user signature with an image of your choice, this is the one given = <script...
  17. Mr Miagi

    The Bristle Worm!

    MUhaha! (Edit, too big) Caught this guy galavanting around under my fluffy mushrooms the other mornin when I put the lights on! :D
  18. Mr Miagi

    Cryptic/aphotic Zone

    Who knows or is interested in this idea. Ive qouted crazyelece here from a post she made in a diferent forum. Ive started hearing about this new method of filtration. Im keen to hear about anyones experiences or results with such a system. It basically provides surface areas to aphotic animals...
  19. Mr Miagi

    Life Span

    How long do you think these fish will live? Im interested in how long they will keep on going. Ive had a few die lately from suspected old age. Including my old male Opaline and a couple of Glass Catfish.... :-( 1: Opaline Gourami 2: Harliquin Rasbora 3: Glass Catfish Thanks. :good:
  20. Mr Miagi

    Miagi's Marine Nano

    Well, this is my 20g. Its gone through a bit of pain of late. It aint looking the best its ever been, but I try. :blush: The brain down front middle has retracted since my tank re-cycle, the Alveopora has also gone down hill, which is a shame since it was doing really well, and extending alot...