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    Snails I could introduce into (soft water planted tank)

    As per the title, what would be good choice please. Thanks in advance
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    Otocinclus & Corydoras OK in same tank ?

    Hi, As per title, can I keep these together - 241 ltr planted tank ? Thanks in advance
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    tank as of now

    Been a little while since I posted a video, excuse the awful camera work. Spot the new additions. :) Water change tomorrow plus a substrate hoover. Any one able to give common name for bluish/silver tetra's - LFS sold them a Dwarf Blue. Thanks in advance
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    What my LFS advised re. ICH

    Do not raise temp to 30d C as it will "fry the fish" and the best one, White spot comes in on your water supply - they said they went on a "course" where they got this knowledge. This I assume is "bull manure". Any got a link to a scientific paper which advocates heat as a treatment please ? ATB
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    I must have upset the fish gods

    I have on order some corys and was due to pick up from LFS tomorrow. but I have ICH in my tank (sods law). I have done a 85% water change and hovered the sand substrate as best I could, and I am slowly raising the temp to 30 deg So I guess my plans will have to remain on hold, just hope the...
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    ID if you can, and how to treat

    Hi, Not sure what this is protruding from this blue tetra, looks like poo (sorry best way I can describe). Fish is active and feeding , no obvious loss of colour. If some one could ID and advise how to treat (if required) please. Whist watching the fish the "poo" it seems lumpy, white bits...
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    Dib - Dib - Dib - be prepared.

    As per the title, Would it be a good idea to have medication on hand to treat ICH or Velvet (I DO NOT HAVE THESE ISSUES), I am just doing my "boy scout bit" If yes what would I purchase - ICH-X for ICH - Velvet ? Thanks in advance EDIT
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    Is it me or...........

    why does the show "little shop of horrors" pop in to my head each time I pass by the tank and the fish come rushing - "feed me, feed me now" :)
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    Some new pictures

    Purchased some Blue Tetra's (12) and a few (6) Cardinal Tetra's after I noticed the Neon's I purchased had amongst them 2 Cardinals - LFS error. Plants are showing some very strong growth, the one at the back right is now up to the water line, was only 4-5 inch when I got it. Sorry for poor...
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    Probiotic Tropical

    Hi, I am currently using the above to feed my Neon Tetra's some of which are very small. I note that the smaller tetra's do not seem to eat this (but maybe they do). So is this food OK for the Neon's or should I invest in some quality flake and crush in order to feed the smaller Neon's...
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    Next step after my recent losses on Penguin Tetra's due to wood issue.

    I am now at the point when I want to add some fish (will be added over the weekend). Just a quick reminder on the tank and current water tests. Planted with sand substrate Jewel Rio 240 running a Oase 350 Thermo cannister filter. Temp = 24.8c API Master Test kit Ammonia - no reading Nitrate -...
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    Biofilm and surface agitation and floating plants

    I was just thinking about the above. Surface agitation will aid gas exchange and in my S/W days it was a fairly important thing to do. When I look at F/W tanks I note there does not seem to be much agitation at the surface of the water, is not something we need to consider ? I note in my tank...
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    What Criterion would need to met to qualify as a Heavily Planted Tank

    Hi, As per thread title - is there a formula which gives the answer or is it subjective ? I was just curious. Thank you,
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    Algae ID - if it is Algae

    Hi, Photo below - fairly poor quality looks to my eyes like a strand of brown cotton, so if you are able to ID, could you advise type please. Thank you
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    ID please on this floating plant

    Hi, I neglected to write down what the below is, and would like to update notes I keep on the tank and what has been added to it. Thank you
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    Another pH question please.

    Hi, Went to my local LFS (5 minutes down the road) this am to question them on the advice given yesterday on the test result they did on my water for pH, which was 6.5) and why I was given the advice to buffer. They advised our local water authority (Yorkshire water) add what they described as...
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    Would lowish PH cause fish deaths

    Hi, My LFS said my Ph was low 6.5 would this cause fish deaths and if so why are some fish still with me ? (had 12 - lost 3 - 4 now) Getting very confused about what is "correct" and what is not. Please note Ammonia - zero Nitrate - Zero Nitrite - Zero ATB
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    Lost some Penguin Tetras (original title 'lost some cardinal penguins')

    The original thread title referred to cardinal penguins. During the thread it became apparent that the fish were actually penguin tetras. The title has been edited to the correct species. Hi, Lost a few of the above. Remainder are huddled to together in bottom corner of tank. I do not have...
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    First Fish for tank

    Hi, I am due to add the first fish choice to the tank (Rio 240) The tank is planted and has a a number of floating plants). PH 7 Ammonia, Nitrate and Nitrite are zero. These are all I have tested for. So my thoughts are as per list below. Otocinclus - maybe 4/5 Rainbow Tetra or another type...
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    Water Change and matching tank temperature

    Hi, I am having difficulty matching temperature (exactly) when doing a water change. Is there a difference that is acceptable ? (I know we should match in a ideal world -sadly I do not live there :) ) Thank you