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  1. Man of fish

    Last One To Post Here Wins Thread 3

    thought I'd make this one since nobody else did
  2. Man of fish

    Nuvo Aquarium Line

    I'm thinking of getting the nuvo nano 16, then upgrading the lighting with a 12" 16 watt wave point super blue LED, and just put this in the middle of the stock lights (both stock lights are about 4" in diameter and are 8 watts and the tank itself is 24" long so I'll have about 20" of light and...
  3. Man of fish

    55 Gallons Spice

    My 55 gallon tank is in need of some spice. I'm quickly losing interest in the fw section of the hobby in favor of my 120 gallon SW. I also have a 10 gallon fw solely for cherries, but back to the 55. The current stocking is: 8 espeis rasboras, 6 kuhli loaches, a clown plec and an SAE. it's very...
  4. Man of fish

    Attention American Football Fans

    If you like watching American football you'll know the season is just around the corner. If you are interested in a fantasy football league with people from the forums please check this thread. At the moment we have...
  5. Man of fish

    Which Canister

    Deciding between keeping my 2 year old eheim 2226, buying a new eheim 2215, a new Rena xp3 or a marineland c-360 (tetratec ex-1200) for my new 55 gallon. Help appreciated.
  6. Man of fish

    New 55 Gallon

    Just got a new 55 gallon to replace my 29! I'm thinking ill keep my current stocking, but I could easily add/subtract elements of it if needed. Here's what I have currently: ~15 espeis rasboras (between 13 and 16) 1 clown plec 4 German blue rams 3 guppies 2 platys 3 cherry barbs 1 bn I hope...
  7. Man of fish

    Fishforums Fantasy Football

    American football, the NFL season is about to get gearing up, training has already begun i belive. It's about that time of year again for fantasy football! Anybody here interested in starting a league of people from the forum?
  8. Man of fish

    Centerpiece Fish

    Hi! I'm currently looking for a centerpiece fish/pair for my 29 gallon community tank! The tank dimensions are roughly 32"x 14"x 18" LxWxH. My current stock is: About 18 espeis rasboras 2 female platys 1 male, 3 female cherry barbs 1 bn plec 1 clown plec I've been looking at dwarf cichlids...
  9. Man of fish

    Ip. Skins

    Ok so usually I use my iPhone for TFF. It's obviously in the mobile skin. Sosince it's my account, I'm automatically stuck in mobile skin so I would always just go to TFF blue when I used my computer, but now there's no longer the feature to change skins!!!!! So on my computer now, I'm forced to...
  10. Man of fish

    Science Fair Project Ideas?

    I'm doing a science fair at my school. It's mandatory and I can't think of anything. It'd be cool if it was fish related. Any ideas?
  11. Man of fish

    Amazon River Biotope

    I'm planning on getting a 125 gallon tank in the near future, that's about 500 liters give or take. Dimensions are 6 foot long by 18" wide by 22" high. I'd love to have an amazon biotope, but what fish would be good? All I really want is a group of Bolivian rams, and I'd love angels but if they...
  12. Man of fish

    What To Do, What To Do?

    As you may know my male Bolivian ram died of swim bladder disease and I was looking to replace him, but unsure how to go about it. Any advice?
  13. Man of fish

    Shrimp Keep Getting Upside Down?

    I got 15 supreme red cherry shrimp, and they keep getting themselves upside down somehow, then they can't move so they die. Why is this happening? Or how? I'm down to maybe 5 shrimp. :rip: :-(
  14. Man of fish

    The Georgia Aquarium!

    I had 140 pictures posted and hit post and something happened so I'm really mad. Here's alink to my photobucket because I'm not copying and pasting them all again.!cpZZ1QQtppZZ20
  15. Man of fish

    Name For My New Betta!:top 3 Voting!

    The other thread was being non cooperative. Here it is: He's starting to show a bit of attitude now, but this is the voting on a name from the other thread. Here's the first post:
  16. Man of fish

    Voting: Name For My New Betta!: Go To New Thread

    He's starting to show a bit of attitude now, but this is the voting on a name from the other thread. Here's the first post: I'll then change it to the top 3 choices tomorrow or Sunday! Maybe first 3 names to 5?
  17. Man of fish

    Ferts Stock Solution Question

    I'm planning to premix my ferts but the calculator I used is telling me how much mgSO4 to use and no K2SO4 where as I read I wouldn't need the mgSO4 since I have hard water and to use the K2SO4 instead. So how much should I use when premixing?
  18. Man of fish

    Name For My New Betta!

    My impulse buy half-moon betta need a name!!!! Here's a few pics and a video. Whatcha guys think? May do a poll with the ones I like the most. Video:
  19. Man of fish

    Poll Option

    How come the mods took away the option on polls to see who voted for what? When I was making polls I always looked at who voted for what because, even if this sounds a bit mean, I'd value an experienced member's opinion higher than say a member that had been on the forum for a day or two and had...
  20. Man of fish

    Wanted: Co2 System

    Wanted: co2 system Size and condition wanted: for a nano, used bit in good condition. Quantity wanted: 1 Reason wanted: for my planted nano Delivery or collection: I'd prefer delivery, but collection may be the only option...... Price looking for: around $40 is best, up to $75 Postage and...