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    Pleco disaster

    Hi everyone i woke up to find 12 of my pleco juviniles floating. I had put in esha 200 last night could this have depleted the oxygen because alll my fish look terrible except my betta which has a labryth organ. Nitrite and nitrate are in safe levels ammonia is now high from the die off. I did...
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    Stocking help

    Hi everyone hope ye are all doing aswell as you can during these tough times.I just upgraded my 80 litre to 160 litre but now cant decide what to do. I already have a 200 litre community tank so i dont know do i really want to do another community. If i do do a community it would have to be...
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    Raphael Catfish

    Hi guys i have 6 raphael catfish about 3 and a half inches and was thinking of selling them but have no idea what to ask for them any advice thanks.
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    Breeding project ideas

    Hi guys i have dismantled my 80 liter community tank and im looking for breeding project ideas. I have really soft water with a low kh. Any ideas welcome.
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    Kribensis died

    Hu everyone again will my bad luck ever dissapear. Found this fella in my 240 litre only tank mates were other kribs and black neon. Im completly Clueless to what happened had noticed he had been a tad bit off but i thought it might of just been the water change but this definetly is something...
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    Angel fish problems

    Hi everyone got this new angelfish its a strange strain because its sorta see through but it looks like a koi. The issue is with its gills im not sure they look normal but any angelfish i have gotten in the past
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    Pencil fish

    Hi everyone a shop near me just got in these lovely red beckfordi pencilfish does any one know if you could put these in the same tank as angels. The angels are only juvenile at the moment.
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    Camallanys worms

    Hi everyone just wondering how long will the eggs of the worm survive without a host sadly all my fish died from the worms. Ive drained the tank and adding mebenzadole hoping ill clear out the last of them. Can the eggs stay dormant or do they die off
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    Stocking advice

    Hi everyone. I just got a new tank its roughly 240 litres. Its 120 cm long by 45 wide by 55 high. Its half sand and half gravel which is 5mm in diameter. Its heavily planted. I have very soft water with a ph between 6 and 6.6. The only thing in it at the moment is 6 kribensis and a pair of...
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    Camallanus worms

    Hi guys I just set up a new 240 litre tank and while taking apart another tank I had to put my fish in buckets for a day. The buckets had a heater and a airstone running the whole time. I put my fish into the new tank but I couldnt really see them properly because of the sand and the sediment...
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    What medicines would ye reccomend to have on hand in case of emergency?? I saw videos about eurethrmyen (not sure of right spelling ) and general cure but that cant be bought in my country.
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    Ph swing help

    Hi everyone. I have a 100 litre community tank that has been set up for just over a year this week while testing i noticed the ph had dropped from 7.2 to 6.0. I did a immediate water change and it brought it up to 6.6. Its been 6.6 for a few days while my other tank is still at 7.2. I just got a...
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    55 gallon filter

    Hi everyone hope yee are all well. I have a 55 gallon tank and sadly my filter is on its last legs. I was wondering would a fluval 307 flow rate be too fast for slower moving fish such as gouramis Angels ect. If not would anyone recommend the filter or is their some other filter which would be...
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    Betta sorority

    Hi everyone. Just came across this concept of a Betta sorority. Does anyone experience with them. What size tank would ye reccomend or are these a awful idea. Can you put 1 male in with the females? I hear this topic can be a bit controversial. Thanks
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    Kribs, apisto, GBR and corys.

    Hi everyone. I have a 200 litre tank and I'm wondering which one would work best. I have soft water. The tank has a large depth. I really want corys and i would like to add a pair of the above fish to the tank. I know that these cichlids can get aggressive while breeding but if I provide...
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    Corydoras and ph drop

    Hi im relatively new to the hobby. This morning when i woke up one of my 6 corys were floating i was schocked as she reciently laid eggs but could not do anything as i was late for a bus. I came home and ive tested the water and examined the body and the only oddity is my ph has dropped from 7.2...
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    Aqua scape help

    Hi im relatively new yo the hobby and I have boight my first 200l tank. I have never awuascaped a tank before only have a little knowledge of plants in aquariums. My substrate is gravel but i have lots of root tabs. My main attraction in this tank is the big driftwood piece in the middle how can...
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    Hi everybody. Im new to the hobby really i only have had one tropical fish tank before and did not relise you need to pay attention to your water quality and all fish have different needs so this time i want to do this properly. I have bout a 200 litre tank and i want to make it a planted...
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    Black neon tetra with hole in gill and spreading

    My black neon tetra has a redish black hole going through its gill which i noticed yesterday evening when i removed him and put him in a container he just kinda layed at the bottom but fighting to swim. I panicked and put him back in the tank he was ok this morning except the hole was still...
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    Stocking advice

    I have a 29 gallon long tank it currently has 1 honey gourami 3 platys 8 neon tetras 6 corys a mystery snail and 2 amono shrimp. I have 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 10 nitrate Ph is at 6.8 and a dgh of 14 I have live plants as well. Is this tank at its full capacity and if not what else could i get. I...