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    Problem with Cuba plant on dry start method

    Hey everyone. About one week ago I started preparing my 200ltr tank setup by buying some monte carlo and Cuba plants to do a dry start with since I'll buy a co2 tank later and I wanted my plants to anchor themselves to the substrate since I've heard that the specific one I'm using is flourite...
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    200 litre tank second opinion

    I'm looking to get a 200 litre aquarium to keep some easy-medium difficulty plants and maybe some easy carpet plants(mc)and I got recommended this tank Emotions PRO 100 - Ciano Will the filtration/lighting be enough or should I look for something else? Many thanks for any advice/recommendations!
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    Stocking ideas for a 55 gallon aquarium

    Setting up a new tank right now and Im doing a little search for what fish I wanna keep in it... Since I always run into many problems regarding compatibility because of water hardness my water gh is about 10dgh and I want to definitely keep some red coral platies in there although I don't want...
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    Can I use the dry method to create a carpet with only the seachem flourite substrate?

    I'm starting a new tank and I'm planning to make a carpet out of Hemiamthus Callitrichoides... I heard online that the dry method is a good way to get a carpet going but I read that you need a nutrient rich soil to do it... Can adding some liquid fertilisers(spraying them maybe?) achieve the...
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    Stocking ideas for newbie 40 gal aquarium

    While im not a newbie in fishkeeping Ive never before got such a large aquarium(already planted and cycled) and so I dont know many things when it comes to the stocking options I may have... Ive already searched online for stocking ideas but I didnt see any mention of the 2 species I definetly...
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    How should I stock my 16gal tank to go with my 3 golden barbs?

    Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!