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  1. Gkat66

    Shrimp with a pleco

    I have a Blue Phantom pleco in a heavily planted tank with lots of hiding places. I would like to add some cherry shrimp , but I'm worried about the pleco eating them .
  2. Gkat66

    New L128

    Settling in quite well , but they are hard to get good pictures of.
  3. Gkat66

    ID please

    Not sure what kind I have , this one is about 2 inches long.
  4. Gkat66

    A few more

    1.Oscar, Atlantic pygmy octo ( O. joubini ) 2. Female Longspine waspfish 3.Frogfish ( Antnnarius pictus 4. Spotfin lionfish ( Pterois antennata ) 5.and 6. Multiple Shortfin lionfish ( Dendrochirus brachypterus ) AKA Fuzzy dwarfs 7.and8. Ollie (Abdopus aculeatus )
  5. Gkat66

    Some of my old friends

  6. Gkat66

    Ready to get wet again !!!

    Hi all , it feels good to be among like minded folks again. It's been 3 years since I shut down my last tank , due to life events beyond my control. I am ready to start again, however all but 2 ( or maybe 3 ) of my 11 tanks will remain dry. At the highest point of my addiction I had a 210 mixed...