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  1. FishFreak95

    Best Dithers And Target Fish?

    What do you think the best dithers are for Small cichlids? large? Target Fish for small cichlids? large?
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    Rainbow Cichlids

    Any one keep them? I don't have any but would love to see pictures of yours :)
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    How To Bring Out The Best In Our Peacock Eel?

    My mom decided to buy a peacock eel. I've seen videos of pretty tame fire eels and would love to know if it could become as tame as them. How can I bring out the best in our eel? Information you can give? I've been doing my own research too. Advise on how to tame it?
  4. FishFreak95

    My Snakes

    Heres my snakes, They are a hybrid of a Corn snake and a sonoran gopher snake. And I do get flamed for them being hybrid just as much as a purist fish keeper would flame a hybrid fish keeper haha. They are het amel(albino) meaning they contain the gene for amelanism(albonism) but don't show it...
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    10 Gallon Planted

    I did my first planted tank in a spare 10 gallon I had. So far I have 1 male dwarf gourami and 4 ghost shrimp. I plan on adding 5 neon tetras, 5 Serpae tetras, and some ottos. I have very little experience with these fish and the last time I kept neons was 5 years ago when I was 11. MY tank is...
  6. FishFreak95

    Ca Or Sa

    What do you like more Central American Cichlids or South American Cichlids? I'm more of a CA cichlid person myself.
  7. FishFreak95

    How To Breed Hybrid Cichlids Its the first article I've written. What do you think?
  8. FishFreak95

    Rtm Tank Size.

    Whats the minimum tank size to use with a pair of Red Tiger Motas?
  9. FishFreak95

    Egg Crate? Is that the same type of egg crate people use to divide aquariums?
  10. FishFreak95

    Orange Laser Cories

    Would a school of 6 orange laser cories be okay in a 55 gallon with a pair of sajicas and a pair of Firemouths? Would they eat Sajica or Firemouth eggs?
  11. FishFreak95

    How Would You Stock This 55 Gallon

    How would you stock and aquascape a 55 gallon if you were too stock a 55 gallon that has a pair of sajica cichlids in it? I have an Idea of what I already want but I would like to see how others would stock it. If someone comes up with something I like better I may do that ^^
  12. FishFreak95

    55 Gallon Stocking

    Well I always knew this was coming. I have to sell my Jag, midevil, and green terror. I bought them all at 1 inch not knowing much on these cichlids back then. They are all 7" now and know that they wont work in a 55 and they are going ASAP. I am thinking of converting that 55 gallon into a...
  13. FishFreak95

    Cycling An Aquarium Faster?

    I have a 10 gallon and I am going to be moving the stock to a 30 gallon in a couple of months. Could I cycle the aquarium faster by adding all the rocks from the 10 gallon with the beneficial bacteria all ready on them to the 30 gallon and putting a piece of the old filter media as a seed for...
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    Video Sajica Pair
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    Does any one like to dance? What kinds do you do? I do the Melbourne Shuffle and X-outing. Heres a couiple of old videos of me doing the dances but i am better now xD shuffle x-outing...
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    I have a pair of sajicas. Its only been 3 days but what are some triggers to get them to start breeding? for future reference. I have heard of bumping up the temp and doing a water change. Also what can I do to help them acclimate. They are with 4 guppies
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    Here is my pair of Sajicas AKA T-bar Cichlida