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    Cannot find my nerite snail

    It's been five days since i last saw my little guy and im getting worried. I know nerites like to hide but he's just been gone. No ammonia spike in the tank and no smell in or around the tank to indicate he's dead. I've checked a bit of my substrate but stratum reallllly doesn't like to be...
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    Just arrived today, I've never had a snail before, but im pretty sure he's dead
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    Where to buy nerite snail's?

    Where can I buy a nerite snail for my 5 gal tank?
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    These are Diatoms right?

    I was sure these were Diatoms until little hairs were coming off of it. Are these diatoms? (Don't mind the plants they came to me in rough shape, but they are doing better).
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    Help with Diatoms and Substrate

    So my newly (fishless) cycling tank is experiencing a small Diatom move in currently( most of it settlingon my gravel). I've read up on it and am somewhat aware of how to deal with it. The real issue is this, last week before this incident i ran into some design flaws in my aquascape and had to...
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    Help!!!! My brand betta new tank is in it's fishless cycle and the pH level is super high( It has some driftwood and 2 anubias plants that are newly planted). My driftwood has been leeching tannins in the water even though I've boiled it twice, but i figured I'd go ahead and put it in the tank...