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  1. cascades4vrbo

    What kind of Back-up power supply can I purchase for my 5 gallon Tank for the heater?

    I have been on Amazon looking for a back-up power supply for my 5-gallon Fish Tank with one Betta Fish to keep a 100 watt heater to stay on. I am too confused on what to buy. I lose power when a tree falls and when it snows a lot in the winter.
  2. cascades4vrbo

    Discussion about bettas and tank mates

    Yes they do fine with both. A 35-55 gallon Tank would be appropriate and plenty of hiding spaces. Odd Number Groups of females 5 or more all babies added in at the same time will work the easiest with Never 👎 adding another one later down the road is best.
  3. cascades4vrbo

    Ask Questions About Cycling

    I have a seasoned Filter sitting in Tank Water. Is there a way to preserve the filter?
  4. cascades4vrbo your thoughts here...

    The USA Government is mandating masks in some states mandating the Vaccine K-12 in California. We have 100,000’s of illegal immigrants that are sick pouring in and invading our Country, but our Government doesn’t care about the Americans.
  5. cascades4vrbo your thoughts here...

    I live in East Tennessee and we had only 20 Deaths. We stayed open and have a No Mask Mandate. I never caught the virus, my father did and said he was sick like the Flu.
  6. cascades4vrbo

    First attempt at a planted aquarium

    I retired the same sand do to in time having mold issues and algae and found the #1 substrate now is Fluval Stratum. You can’t mix it with other substrate though. ?
  7. cascades4vrbo

    What Fish Do You Regret Buying?

    A large Pleco. He was great in the beginning cleaned my Algae filled tank overnight, but he was messy constantly pooping and I was constantly cleaning up after him. My Ammonia levels would spike. Then I ended up with all my fish diseased with bacterial and fungal infections.
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    A Question for the Pros

    Testing my water and using Seachems Prime in the beginnin. Smaller water changes only once a week. Then I got to understand how ph levels were so important.
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    Yes I do. My Cats have reacted to spirits. Not weird at all. Funny how a fish can react though. I grew up in a home that had a child Indian spirit. Not an evil one, but he played with my younger brother who was 2 years old.
  10. cascades4vrbo

    13 weeks cycling fish in down the drain.....cycle reset

    What helped me was adding low light plants, and only using Spring Water with Proper PH. I would only feed the size of the fishes eye ball. Use a Turkey Baster immediately after each feeding and do only 10-15% water Changes weekly. If your Ammonia is raised double dose Seachem’s Prime every other...
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    beware Aqueon equipment

    I had one of their glass heaters malfunction and kill my fish so I called them and they mailed me their New Aqueon Pro. Maybe call them again with better luck.
  12. cascades4vrbo

    Suspected low PH killed fish

    I use Seachem’s I use Proper PH it keeps your PH stable. Seachem’s makes one too.
  13. cascades4vrbo

    Too hot?

    82 degrees Fahrenheit (28 C) is really too warm even for a Tropical Betta Fish. I try to keep my water between 78-80. Anything over can cause Fungus issues. Can you turn down the Temperature?
  14. cascades4vrbo

    Baby Male Betta with missing Scales

    Ok , I will. He eats Normally and when I bought him his Cup was so filthy. He is very hungry, but very thin. I decided on General Cure to worm him and started this evening. ?
  15. cascades4vrbo

    People just don’t get it...

    Because they are Dumb and don’t have a heart. That’s Why! Fish keeping can be a Science always learning and growing to be better and more caring.
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    That's it, I give up regarding PH

    Yes I use Misty Natural Spring Water I buy from the Grocery Store and Never use Tap Water. I do use PH Regulators as a quick fix and Use Natural methods as well gradually and still testing PH. PH crashes are very dangerous on the health of the Fish.
  17. cascades4vrbo

    That's it, I give up regarding PH

    PH regulator would help to keep your PH at a Neutral 7.0-7.2 level.
  18. cascades4vrbo

    Hello I’m New and Own Betta Fish

    I love Betta Fish and Have experience with Caring for Betta Fish for 10 years. I sometimes have questions on Disease and health of Betta Fish and that is why I joined. Thank you.
  19. cascades4vrbo

    Please help, my betta is breathing hard after a water change what is wrong?

    Sounds like Ammonia or Nitrite double dose with Seachems Prime every other day. Ammonia will Spike After a Water Change. Seachems Prime helps with Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrates. I would stay away from meds.