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  1. TheTenthDoctor

    Community College Enrolment is like getting teeth pulled

    Yes I know...long time no see on Old Doc. BUT while I wait for my waiver for the Marines to go through I'm going to go to community college. Only one problem....trying to enroll is worse that having a root canal (I've had one). They make it inordinately difficult to contact them, and then send...
  2. TheTenthDoctor

    I quit my job...

    Well, my career as a mcdonalds cook is coming to an end. I finally put my two weeks in and am off to Walmart (hopefully). 3 years flipping burgers was 3 years too many. My boss who I am less than fond of, rang in, 200 nuggets, 40 big macs, 40 cheeseburgers, 20 mcchickens, and 12 crispy...
  3. TheTenthDoctor

    Fish keeping absolutes

    There are A TON of opinions about fish keeping. But there are some ABSOLUTES. Here are my absolutes, put yours down bellow. 1. Bettas need a minimum of 2.5 gallons any less is cruel and unusual. They also need filters and heaters and lots of plants. 2. Live plants trump fake plants 100% of the...
  4. TheTenthDoctor

    Wanted: plant cuttings +floaters

    Hei! I’m looking for plant cuttings and floaters. If you have them just reply and I’ll pm you. Any and all plants welcome. Preferably not too expensive…ima broke high school student. Will gladly pay for shipping or local pickup. I’m planting a new Walstad tank and need plants. Thanks a ton! Erin
  5. TheTenthDoctor

    Smallest Pleco

    So what is the smallest pleco. I haven't kept a pleco for 9 years and want a small, not overly large pleco for my 29 gallon tank. Ideas? Thoughts?
  6. TheTenthDoctor

    Growing Aquarium lilies from seed

    So I was wondering if its possible to grow a lotus or a water lily from scratch. I found a couple of seeds on amazon and was wondering how effective they are and what the process for that would look like. I am trying to grow one in my 29 gallon tank. Here is the links to the seeds I'm looking...
  7. TheTenthDoctor

    New tank project....

    So recently I posted this thread....and I got A LOT of replies. I go so many good ideas, and so many wonderful comments. So I have decided what to do. Since I am depressed, but love fish, but fall into long periods of apathy I think I found the perfect solution...
  8. TheTenthDoctor

    Feeling depressed....not really doing much with the tank

    So....I've begun to loose interest in the fish. Its upsetting, fish are such a big part of my life yet now I feel apathetic, I haven't been keeping up with my tanks and sort of letting things drift. Not really learning anything new, and just not doing anything. How do I get out of this slump...
  9. TheTenthDoctor

    Im legally changing my name....

    Just thought I'd share this because its exciting and funny. I am legally changing my name. I CANNOT stand the one I have now. So I am closing this chapter of my life and moving on. Giving it a 3 month trial period then I will file. But I am actually looking forward to it. I have several ideas...
  10. TheTenthDoctor

    Tearing a few tanks down

    I have made a decision to tear down one of my 10 gallons and my 5.5. I just don't have the time energy or inclination to care for them in the way that they need. I'll keep the tanks and maybe sometime down the road I'll start them back up. Has anyone else had to do this? I feel really sad, but...
  11. TheTenthDoctor


    Hey guys! Heres a video of my 29 gallon tank!!!!!! Please ignore the algae. I'm dealing with it!!!!!!
  12. TheTenthDoctor

    What fish should I choose? Poll

    Hey yall, I have a 10 gallon tank thats cycling. Its got hard water, a filter, a heater, and live plants. I am going to get the water tested. So I'll know more about what I can put in it then, but in the mean time I am trying to decide what to put in it. So please vote and comment! PS I can put...
  13. TheTenthDoctor

    What are all of you high schoolers taking next year?

    Finally finished my course selection! I made it to senior year alive! So what I am taking: Honors English 12 Chemistry Personal Finance Leadership College EMT course Spanish III Just one year of hell (lol). Actually I am seriously looking forward to EMT training and Personal Finance. What...
  14. TheTenthDoctor

    Super bowl fifty five!!

    Ok folks it’s here! On Sunday we kick if the Super Bowl. Here is everything you need to know! Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs The Kansas City Chiefs Tom Brady vs Patrick Mahomes When? 6:30 pm est 5:30 pm central time 4:30 Mountain Time 3:30 PST Where? Tampa Bay Fun fact! This is the first time a...
  15. TheTenthDoctor

    How to set up a sponge filter

    Hey guys, I have an air pump and a sponge filter. How do I connect them? How do I set it up? Thanks! Marie
  16. TheTenthDoctor

    Betta photo shoot

    Did a photo shoot with Bruce Wayne yesterday...totally entering him in fish of the month m.
  17. TheTenthDoctor

    Using aquariums to get out of depression....

    Today I made a decision to fight every day to end my depression. I am trying to focus my mental energy not on depressive and other thoughts but on fish tanks and caring for my plants. The amount of mental energy it takes to be depressed is incredible. My mind almost feels empty. What took up all...
  18. TheTenthDoctor

    Emergency! Budgie drank fish water!

    Okay guys, got some bad news. Kiwi drank some fish water. He was flying around in my room and he perched on the fish tank. Usually he doesn't go for the water. But today he drank some! I hadn't used any fertlizer and had just added water but I am still concerned. So far he is acting normal so I...
  19. TheTenthDoctor

    I made $12 off duckweed. Yes I am not joking

    A few years ago duckweed invaded my tank. I ended up posting it for sale on facebook market place. Someone was dumb enough to buy.........FOUR portions of it! I sell it at $3 per portion. I literally gave this person all my duckweed and actually GOT paid for it. Holy cow.
  20. TheTenthDoctor

    Welcome to a new member! @_elpe

    @_elpe is a personal friend of mine! They are interested in getting into fish tanks. I have know @_elpe for a long time and am helping them set up a betta tank! So lets all be kind and welcoming and answer all their questions! :) @AJE @PheonixKingZ @Deanasue @Byron @Fishmanic @essjay @corylover5